Just two weeks after the release of their lead single, “You in Me,” coed quartet KARD drop a second music video from their latest mini album, “You & Me.”  Listed as a prequel film for the previous song, the “Trust Me” MV has some marked differences in tone and visuals.

In direct contrast to the previous song’s dark and vaguely ominous sound, “Trust Me” feels desperate, almost pleading. The lyrics speak to this, as Jiwoo and Somin both sing to their lovers, longing to know, “What’s wrong?” and “Why won’t you open up to me?” Their refrains of “trust me, hold me,” and “tell me that you love me,” are sung in a pure, almost haunting style that adds even more emotional depth to the song. J.Seph joins BM, giving their rap verse a double impact as they try to reassure with, “my love will never change” and that no matter what happens, “I’ll protect you.”

This music video is more intimate on a visual scale, with an abundant use of warm colors for both interior and exterior sets; candles and sunlight evoke thoughts of warmth and romance. And despite the fact that the members only come together in moments highlighting choreography, the push-and-pull flow and soft touches of those movements speak to an intimacy not seen in the “You in Me” music video.

It’s interesting to note that for this video, the group are back with the general pairings we’re used to seeing: Jiwoo and BM, Somin and J.Seph. This, along with the burgeoning distance hinted at via both the lyrics and the acting, leaves one curious as to what exactly happened to get from “Trust Me” to “You in Me.”

Most importantly, will KARD ever reveal the whole story or just leave everyone in the dark?


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