Co-ed quartet KARD make their comeback with a six-song mini album titled “You & Me.” The lead single, “You in Me,” features their signature Tropical House-inspired style that has garnered them a steady fanbase, but it’s the accompanying music video itself that’s really got everyone talking.

The music video is a study in visual contrasts, switching from warm to cool tones throughout the storyline shots, as well as those focused on choreography. There are the sets themselves: one room pristine, Jiwoo and J.Seph nicely dressed; the second room less so, belongings scattered about, with Somin and BM presented in distressed casual ware. An emotional distance seems evident, too, the first couple seated directly across from each other in an intimate dinner setting, whereas the second couple are on different levels, facing away from each other.

The lyrics of the song seem to refer to several different facets of love. J.Seph’s hard-hitting rap speaks to the consuming darkness of a love lost (“a deep sense of loss, I can’t find myself”), and BM’s refrain bears witness to the possibility of a love that’s not healthy (“too much caring made you choke”). Combine these with Somin’s “my love, you are my everything” and Jiwoo’s cries of “I can’t let you go,” and the song belies a darker, perhaps threatening, take on love. In fact, the surprising twist in the music video seems to support this directly.

An interesting note is the motel name that’s viewed at both the beginning and ending of the music video — apego is the Spanish word for “obsession,” and is perhaps the most telling note of all.

KARD_You in Me 7

In a surprising change of pace, KARD switched their focus toward a more story-driven music video. With a song as intense as “You in Me,” it definitely brings an additional impact and allows the group members to show off their acting skills too. This continued display of solid musical offerings, along with the success of their “Wild KARD 2017” Tour, makes it exciting to see what the future holds for this group.



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