She’s finally here! on June 6, Kim Seo-Hyeon, better known as Katie Kim, dropped her debut single and music video for “Remember.” In 2015, she participated in and won season four of the South Korean reality show “K-pop Star” and signed with YG Entertainment as a trainee. After three years, KATIE left YG and joined AXIS, a new company established by former YG creative director SINXITY.

KATIE’s timbre is a breath of fresh air. She shines in her lower register, effortlessly singing the R&B-infused, melancholic melody. The lyrics describe a past relationship that still lingers in her memory.  There’s a dreamy aspect to the track, with heavy bass and synths that reverberate behind her vocals. Notably, the song is in English, which isn’t a surprise given that KATIE is Korean-born but American raised.

This video. To say it’s artistic simply doesn’t do it justice. It’s part stimulus board, part Yeezy fashion show; each visual flows into the next, giving the synths and bass life and weight. 

What do you think of KATIE’s “Remember”?


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