Kei.G‘s latest music video takes viewers back a few decades with it’s heavy retro vibe.

The beginning of video feels like it was taken straight out of the seventies with its use of nostalgic cinematography and a cassette. Down to the setting of a couple, which is in what looks like a vintage toy store, will have many traveling down memory lane.



Throughout the video we watch the interactions of a couple with one another as they live a domestic life with their cat. Their closeness with the feline is similar to that of the toy store owners who spend their time playing around with the small animal.




Kei.G’s melodic vocals perfectly flow with the setting of the video. Smooth as silk and sweet as honey would be the best way to describe Kei.G’s talented voice. Bless Planetarium Records for having such a gifted vocalist on their side.

(Facebook, YouTube.)

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