On July 27, Laboum released their music video for “Between Us.” It is a softer approach for the girls of Laboum, compared to their previous comeback “Hwi Hwi.” “Between Us” is a love song full of romance. With lyrics about puppy love and being utterly attracted to another person, the music video shows the girls often in a state of contemplation. Contemplation about their life choices, love life, what have you. It is very raw and real to human emotion. 

I got to see this music video with an open mind, as I had never heard of Laboum before this. I must say, I quite enjoyed it. Laboum has a lot of talent. Their voices all fit seamlessly together, and the harmonies are absolutely gorgeous. The slow beat of “Between Us” just showed off the power of the vocals that much more.

Another thing to appreciate about this music video is the choreography. We see bits and pieces throughout the video,, and every move is graceful and at ease. The moves add even more emotion from the girls, tying everything in a nice bow.

I enjoyed this music video. It’s very easy to watch, and the song is easy to listen to. The Laboum’s talent is undoubtable, vocals for days and all that. Choreography is simple but graceful, and the videography, like most K-Pop music videos, is impeccable. I recommend giving this video a watch if you have not seen something from Laboum yet.

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