On July 31,  LEO of VIXX finally released his debut as a solo artist: ‘Touch And Sketch,’ The highly anticipated music video did not disappoint. With an air of mystery and sexiness, LEO shows a new and improved side of himself to Starlights. It is full of desire and sensuality that suits LEO well.

In this debut, LEO is showing off more of his talent to the world as an independent artist. We get a taste of what his personal style is as a musician and singer. His vocals are impeccable, as per usual. The lyrics honestly left me (and I’m sure a lot of other fans) speechless. With lyrics talking about desire and romance, we get a much more mature side of LEO than what VIXX shows. His grace and sexiness are seemingly effortless, and I envy him for it.

Like other concepts that LEO has done/been apart of, this music video suits him very well, in my opinion. It shows his improvement vocally and his individuality as an artist separate from VIXX and VIXXLR.

“Touch And Sketch” gives two sides of LEO: a hardworking artist and a desire-filled man in need of human affection. It’s a lot to take in. The video is full of intimate scenes in a bedroom, LEO with a girl that he is supposedly lusting over. But then he struggles with his emotions and deals with the thoughts inside his head. It’s an interesting concept, and I can’t quite put my finger on what it could possibly mean.

Overall, I quite enjoyed this music video from LEO. Of course, I’m biased because LEO is my main bias in VIXX; however, no one can deny the man’s talent. I love seeing this mature side of LEO and getting a better sense of how he is developing his style as a musician. I cannot wait to see and hear more from LEO in the near future!

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