Seven months after his collaboration with American rap artist Travis Scott, Kris Wu returned to the music scene with his song and music video “Like That.”

A quick lesson in bugs: lightning bugs can glow yellow or orange and the main reason for their illumination is to attract a mate.

Wu’s videos have never had a shortage of beautiful women and unique clothing, and “Like That” is no exception. Donned in selections from his collaboration with Burberry, Kris Wu relentlessly pursues a gorgeous blonde in a gold sequins dress at a party.

With previous knowledge of lightning bugs (aka “fireflies”) and how they operate, the music video for “Like That” screams symbolism; the model-esque female protagonist is clearly flashing her light at Kris through the bright dresses and shiny hair in an effort to get him to notice her — and it’s working.

Switch stages to a summer pool party, and now Kris in on top of the roof, surveying the scene around him as partygoers below who are clothed in bright colors and swimsuits. Then the symbolism finally becomes blatant, as Wu is back in a bathroom, looking at himself in the mirror as a firefly buzzes close to his ear.

From the viewpoint of an early-twenties pop star, the song and music video could simply be another generic “I have a lot of money, watch me throw it all away on an attractive girl” type of summer bop. To those who try and critique the video from a more open-minded angle, the song screams warnings about thoughtless lust and material possessions. As the end of the song nears and Kris starts realizing that he doesn’t even care if his love interest is faithful to him, the audience gets a clear glimpse of how looks and money can corrupt a person’s find. A situation all too common and all too unfortunate in the current world.



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