Despite the arrival of summer, it can be difficult for everyone to feel cheery on sunny days. Sometimes the days still seem dark even though the weather is warm and the birds are chirping. On days like those, try listening to one (or all) of these songs to help you feel better, even if it’s just for four minutes.

01 Do You Feel Like You Have No One to Turn To?” — Yayyoung

When your day sucks and you feel like there’s nobody on the other end of the phone, this song will be there to reassure you that no matter how imperfect you think you are, the fact that you’re alive and breathing is incredible.

02 Eat” — Zion. T

“Eat” is a classic song to turn to for those days when getting out of bed seems impossible. Zion.T himself reminds you to eat your meals, even if you’re tired, and that he knows sometimes you just want to go home (even when you’re already at home).

03 So Far Away” — Agust D

Many listeners were surprised when Agust D dropped this song on his mixtape, but despite the initial surprise, the comfort the song brings is still so great. Life can seem like a meaningless, wandering journey, but Agust D is there to tell you that he’ll be with you during the beginning, the journey, and the end.

04 Hellevator” — Stray Kids

Stray Kids may not be well known, but if anybody knows what it’s like to feel lonely it’s got to be them. As part of a JYP Entertainment competition, Stray Kids was formed and from that formation produced this heart-wrenching song that will be in your head as you travel or struggle through life.

05 I’ll Be By Your Side” — Coffee Boy

If the title isn’t self explanatory to you, perhaps the lyrics will help. On days when you feel like nobody understands you, Coffee Boy is there to sweetly say that he’ll let you know everything is okay, and that you’re precious to him.


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