On those days when you wake up and the coffee is not around, this small list will help give you the boost you need until you can get that caffeine fix!

1. GOT7 — “Just Right”

It’s hard to start the day without feeling cheerful when GOT7 gorgeous Korean men singing to you about how beautiful you are.

2. NCT U — “Boss”

Oh, you feel like you can’t get up and knock out that assignment you’ve been procrastinating on? Well NCT U is here to tell you that you’re a “Boss” and you can do anything.

3. TWICE — “Cheer Up”

“Cheer Up,” it’s a new day, and you can do this!

4. 2ne1 — “I Am the Best”

Ugly? Nope. Impossible? Doesn’t exist in your vocabulary. Absolutely kick-butt? Why yes, yes you are.

5. BIG BANG — “Bad Boy”

This may not be the traditional “get pumped” song that everyone thinks of for getting yourself out of bed, but who doesn’t love a good BIG BANG throwback every once in a while?

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