Korea-based electro duo Love X Stereo, who performed during KCON 2016, have announced an ambitious new project. This year, they will be skipping the release of a traditional album in favor of releasing 37 brand new tracks throughout 2017. In order to do this, they have decided to join Patreon, a crowdfunding website that promotes the continual release of artistic material based on levels of patronage by fans. Their page is viewable here.

Love X Stereo have come up with 10 different levels of rewards for becoming an official patron. As with all Patreon accounts, when you pick a level, you get the exclusive of that level PLUS everything listed for the levels below it. The goal of project 37 is to strengthen the bond between Love X Stereo and their fans by generating conversations directly through the Patreon page.

37 songs, 37 videos, all in just 52 short weeks. Love X Stereo is primed to take the world by storm, one song at a time. Will you be a part of it?


Level 1 – $1 per month – Access to the Patreon-only blogs and comments.

Level 2 – $2 per month – Early access to the MP3 download of each song produced.

Level 3 – $3 per month – 2-week early access to video releases.

Level 4 – $5 per month – Your name will be listed at the end of the music videos released for this project.

Level 5 – $10 per month – Full access to monthly patron-only hangouts.

Level 6 – $15 per month – A personalized message or video just for you.

Level 7 – $20 per month – A personal Skype call with Love X Stereo!

Level 8 – $50 per month – Rare footage of behind the scenes with the band, exclusive to you.

Level 9 – $100 per month – A cover song of YOUR choice, Love X Stereo style.

Level 10 – $1,000 per month – Love X Stereo is coming to you! If you keep this level of patronage for 4 months straight, the duo will book tickets and come play a show in your city — anywhere in the world!

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