On June 20, 2018, Misako Uno of popular co-ed J-Pop group AAA released her cute summer song, “Summer Mermaid.”

Misako Uno is the definition of the cute girl-next-door in this particular music video. Tropical poolside sets as well as summer-themed graphics that appear throughout. With cute choreography to match, you can’t deny this J-Pop track will be on your mind for quite some time.

“Summer Mermaid” is a bright and happy song that will get fans up on their feet and dancing along. Misako Uno’s smile will have you melting at her adorable and cute look and for the female fans, will inspire you to go out and grab the cute outfits she wears. Whether at the beach hanging with friends or heading out for a fun night out in town, “Summer Mermaid” is the perfect song to brighten up your day and night.


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