Not wasting a moment, MONSTA X dropped their third Japanese single, “Spotlight,” just a few days after finishing their latest two-month promotional period in South Korea. Released through Universal Music Japan’s Mercury Tokyo label, the single continues MONSTA X’s in-your-face trend of hard-hitting backtracks, killer vocals and rap line perfection.

While MONSTA X always manages to bring those ear-worming choruses, “Spotlight” is obviously a very rap line-driven song. Jooheon bursts in immediately, demanding, “Just gimme a spotlight,” and continues to deliver throughout the song. Not to be outdone, I.M holds his own, leading both the choreography and his verses with an understated confidence. In fact, one is hard-pressed to find another rapper that blends so seamlessly with Jooheon’s style as I.M does, the perfect low tone to the other’s high tone.

The vocals on this track are distributed very evenly, and the song does offer a nice, little surprise in the form of Hyungwon getting more than just one or two lines. It’s refreshing to see the vocalist being utilized more often as the group continues to expand their portfolio.

Stylistically simple, the music video allows viewers to focus on another aspect that MONSTA X never fails to deliver on: choreography. With its broad, sweeping body movements and constant formation changes, the choreography is nonstop. The visual switches between stark black-and-white to muted reds and blues only intensifies that focus.

MONSTA X once again produces a track that contains what is fast becoming a signature sound for them, while also managing to keep it fresh and fun. This is one that should definitely go on your playlist!

MX_Spotlight SS2

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  1. I really love both the song itself, the video and the live stage (fancam). I.M and Joohoon are perfectly matched and build off each other beautifully .

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