L to R: Shownu, Wonho, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Jooheon, I.M

Starship’s rising boy group Monsta X started hyping their latest comeback in September, and their fourth album “The Clan 2.5 Part 2: Guilty” was subsequently released on October 4. The music video accompanying its title track picks up where “Part 1: Lost” left off and gives fans another look into the world of the X Clan. Unfortunately, stories in MVs can sometimes become muddled when trying to cram so much information into a four minute video, so here’s a breakdown of what we’ve been shown up to this point.

Considering “Fighter” is from the second part, it’s only right to begin with what took place during the “Lost” era. The video for its title track “All In” introduced fans to a fantasy / sci-fi setting that involved a strong theme of brotherhood, an oppressive police state, and mysterious blue flowers. Their lyrics refer more so to a romantic relationship, but the hook “I’m all in for you” matches with the intensity of the boys’ loyalty to their clan and its members.

It’s revealed in the MV that Shownu’s character conspires with Jooheon to commit a robbery in order to save his sickly father. They’re too late, however, and Shownu ends up burning the stolen money before tearfully drinking a liquid created from the aforementioned flowers. It’s at this point that many guessed that the liquid is a poison, but at the beginning of the video the flowers are indicated to have a healing property as Minhyuk feeds them to Hyungwon.

Hyungwon is simultaneously shown suffering abuse at the hands of his religious father, which eventually leads to Minhyuk, Wonho, and I.M dramatically storming off and burning down the man’s building. After the deed’s done, Minhyuk returns to Hyungwon to find him presumably dead in a bathtub. Devastated, he proceeds to pour the same blue liquid Shownu had into the water before joining his friend. Their clasped hands move, but it’s unclear at that point if it’s a sign of life or death.

There are only a few scenes featuring all seven members, but they’re perhaps the most confusing of them all. We see the clan members performing a sort of ritual revolving around the revered blue flowers, running through rubble, and finally appearing again in the last seconds of the video as they calmly approach a giant, beating heart. Talk about a cliffhanger.


As expected, “Fighter” reads like a spiritual successor rather than a direct continuation of the events of “All In.” Some parts do carry over, but the world itself feels distinctly different.

Shownu, Minhyuk, and Hyungwon are notably the only members that seem to be in need of saving – the same members that had sad endings and direct encounters with the flower extract in the first part. Shownu is trapped by himself in a cell, while Minhyuk and Hyungwon are locked up in a mental hospital, straightjackets included. The entire video revolves around our other members trying to free their comrades, even if that requires morally questionable actions.

Of the other members, Kihyun appears first, a body bag in tow and a bloody trail behind him. The kill, whoever or whatever it might have been, was in exchange for access to the same blue flowers introduced in “All In,” and he’s promptly taken to a room full of them.

In between Kihyun’s clips, Wonho is shown drafting and creating a machine that will play an important role later. Shirtless welding is probably not the best of ideas, but you can’t say that he doesn’t pull the look off really, really well.


The video quickly moves on to Shownu and Jooheon being reunited in a boxing ring as the older member takes a knee. Sword in hand, Jooheon knights Shownu and the latter gains laurels. This scene is honestly one of the more confusing ones in “Fighter” – who are the extra guys with bear masks? Did the two actually meet or was it a hallucination? If they did, why wasn’t Shownu released until later?

The questions are left unanswered as the focus shifts to I.M. He’s surrounded by stuffed teddy bears, and there’s even a bear character in the game he’s playing – there’s clearly a theme here. He grabs a suspiciously familiar flower power-up in-game and takes off to meet up with the others on a comically pimped out bike.


Suddenly we’re back to Jooheon entering Hyungwon and Minhyuk’s hospital room in a doctor getup. At this point, it seems like his scenes most likely aren’t in chronological order and are supposed to be flashes of the actual rescues taking place, but the video quickly changes to the members congregating in Wonho’s workshop before any more information can be gained.

I.M, Jooheon, Kihyun, and Wonho quickly put the machine to work as the they fiddle with knobs and pour more of the flower extract into it in order to produce two gummy bear look-alikes. The candy is offered to Hyungwon and Minhyuk by none other than Dr. Jooheon, and all seven members are suddenly together and fleeing the facility.


They run through a cartoonish set complete with fluffy, white clouds, clearly ecstatic, and encounter yet another floating heart. Thus part two wraps up in a similar manner to the first – all seven members reunited but with an unexplained twist. One could guess that the hearts merely represent the X Clan itself, but there’s supposedly still a piece of the story left to be revealed in a later installment that may better explain why they’re there. The main conflict from “Lost” and “Guilty” seems to have been wrapped up though, so it’ll be interesting to see what the boys have to face next.

[ Images and screenshots from Starship’s YouTube and Monsta X’s Facebook. ]



  1. What does the flowers mean? I’m dyiiiiiiiiiiing, too much theories, my brain is melting omg We’ll have to wait the next MV so we can understand a bit more of this, it is so interesting but so nerve-wrecking at the same timeee! UGHH i love it

  2. Theories are seriously so interesting! Of course in this case we need to wait for the next MV because I stilll don’t get what the flowers mean but…. uGH I NEED MOAR

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