Even though Pride Month is over, 20Gayteen is still going strong! On June 28, 2018,  MRSHLL dropped his new single “Pose.” The Korean-American R&B singer-songwriter is the first openly gay artist to start their career in Korea, debuting a little ahead of HOLLAND who debuted earlier this year as Korea’s first openly gay idol.

“Pose’s” strobing bass and dreamy synth accompaniment is the perfect example of what the internet coins “a song for the gays.” With those two simple yet compelling elements paired with MRSHLL’s reverberating vocals, listeners find themselves moving, shaking and posing before they realize what’s happened.

The video is as strobe-y as the bass. An array of vibrant colors and patterns frame MRSHLL hitting all the right angles in a wide selection of envy-worthy outfits.

Is “Pose” going on your Summer Jams playlist?




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