Have you ever watched a video for a new song and wondered what connection the music video and song have with each other? The lyrics have nothing to do with what is happening in the video and leaves the viewer confused. Well, that will not happen when you watch “Distance” by Alan Z.

Alan Z has been one to watch for a while, he is definitely an up and coming artist to keep your eye on. He is able to swoon you with his R&B style and then blow you away with his powerful bars. Being able to have both those skill sets puts him a step above those who can only do one or the other.

In his latest music video, he debuts an original song called “Distance.” In this music video Alan Z shows off another talent he has, acting. If you are already a fan of Alan Z you have come to expect him to drop bars and touch you with his vocals, and now he is providing a visual to that. When a video is in harmony with the song and is portrayed well by the artists it just enhances your love for the song even more. That was definitely accomplished in this music video.

The song and video touch on relationships and how couples can become distant. The hook “there is a distance between us” is seen as the video progresses and the couple just seems to not be on the same page with each other any more. As the relationship starts having problems they use physical intimacy to solve their problems. This is portrayed in the video and in harmony with the lyrics “our connection is only between the sheets.” Definitely not the way to solve their problems as the couple discovers the more distant they become.

So, if you appreciate videos that compliment the song and will not leave you confused be sure to check out “Distance” by Alan Z.

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