Right before kicking off his world tour (North America, Europe etc.), Amoeba Culture’s Crush is back with another mini-album that is well-suited for the fall/autumn season. Crush is back once again, offering another album with his smooth-like-honey vocals and romantic style. Fans and listeners will instantly melt and fall in love with Crush’s latest release.

The following is a review of Crush’s latest album, “wonderlust”

Track 1: wanderlust

As the introduction of the overall album, “wanderlust” is a soulful track filled with a bit of jazz and R&B stylings. Crush offers a taste of his vocals on this short track, teasing listeners of what is upcoming for the rest of the album. This track is mainly instrumental but nonetheless, it will help add to the excitement.

Track 2: 2411

What fans will notice is that this album is a much more relaxing and soothing album as the stylings of the album has a lot of acoustic influences. “2411” is one of the those tracks as it has a simple beat with the guitar progressions and the addition of the tambourine. If listening closely, there are sounds of a late night ambiance with crickets in the background, making this a song that is perfect for those autumn stargazing nights. There is sense of calmness and peace to the song paired with the soft yet smooth vocals of Crush.

Track 3: 향수 (nostalgia)

This is another slow and relaxing track off the album that will invoke the holiday spirit within. Though this song is not really a song for the holidays, it gives off a warm feeling that most holiday songs will have. It is a rather short track but nonetheless still beautiful as it builds up from an acoustic song to an orchestral instrumental. This song is so smooth and lullaby-like, that it will be perfect to listen to while snuggling up into a pile of blankets or sit with a cup of hot chocolate right next to the warm fire.

Title Track: 어떻게 지내 (Fall)

As the title track from Crush’s album, he does not disappoint to bring a piano-R&B ballad to the list of songs. This is a classic song coming from Crush and it’s no wonder why there is an accompanying music video that was released as well. Once again, Crush croons with his smooth and relaxing vocals to the song, easily making it and instant favorite for many. The song is a bit on the sad spectrum but regardless it’s another beautiful track that fans will truly appreciate.

Track 5: 아빠처럼

Crush closes out the rest of his album with another R&B ballad that implements the use of the piano once more. It is another track that will be perfect for the holiday season with the piano instrumentals and soft beat. If there is another song that would be suited for cuddling, it would also be “아빠처럼.”  As the last track, it does well to end off the album and fans will finish off with a sense of warmth and calmness.

Overall, this is another solid release from Crush and fans will surely be pleased and excited to see if Crush will perform these new songs in his upcoming world tour. Congratulations to Crush on the release of another great album and wishing him best travels on his tour!





  1. Yes! Crush is such am amazing vocalist and is super under appreciated, I’ve had his album on repeat since it came out and I tell all my friends to listen to it too.

  2. Crush is such an amazing vocalist and in my opinion is super under appreciated. I’ve had this album on repeat since it released. (: I hope he gets more recognition in the future.

  3. I’m simple: I see Crush, I click. Honestly there isn’t a song on any if his albums that I don’t like but his collabs with Zion T and DEAN are always my favorites.

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