More news from the land of the Rebels. Early on Feb. 9, Dean released a teaser for his upcoming single.

Titled “Limbo,” the teaser takes us down the proverbial rabbit hole. However, this seemingly endless spiral downward is less psychedelia and more negative space—darkness as the mind is suspended on the very edge of sleep and reality, surrounded by the scratched etchings indicative of our burgeoning imaginations.

We’re taken into what appears to be a space-time warp, walls looping infinite iterations of themselves, sucking us deeper into a void where the sun and the moon dance around each other. Or perhaps it’s a representation of our waking and subconscious selves—the real and ethereal—constantly circling, constantly in flux.

Just before we can reach the end of this darkened void speckled by ashen droplets of starlight, we’re sucked back beyond ourselves, beyond the never ending hallway of our minds. A distorted voice leaves us with a single word, scratched right before we resurface: DREAM.

On Feb. 12, Dean dropped his second teaser, giving fans a bit more insight into the creative vision. Here our two circling sattelites are reinvisioned as a lone space traveler and a cosmic oddity—a woman, presumably a love interest—spinning around each other as if in orbit, becoming close but never touching. We’re given a sneak peek—or listen, as it were—at song composition and vocal construction. We’re also made privy to a feature: member of duo 15& turned soloist Baek Yerin.

Already theories abound about the connection between limbo—a spiritual suspension in time between life and death—and dreams. But we’ll leave those to fully flourish when the music video actually premiers. Until we hear the song and see exactly what direction Dean is taking his Rebels, we’ll be left pondering the many avenues his mind has wandered this time around.

In a video posted to Universal Music’s V LIVE channel, Dean greets fans in the studio. He officially starts the countdown to the single’s highly anticipated release, which he reveals is Feb. 17 at midnight KST.

[YouTube; Universal Music V LIVE.]

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