Right at the end of the month of October, SM Entertainment revealed that EXO is releasing a unit, named EXO-CBX. EXO-CBX consists of members, Chen, Baekhyun and Xiumin. On On October 31st, EXO-CBX unleashed their music video and mini-album, “Hey Mama!”, taking fans on joyride through their funky and retro-inspired album.

The following is a review of EXO-CBX’s mini-album, “Hey Mama!”

Title Track: “Hey Mama!”

EXO-CBX kicks off the album with their title track, “Hey Mama!” which is fun and upbeat. Heavily 70’s/Disco-influenced from the sound to the sets and fashion, fans and listeners will surely be up and dancing along to the song. Though this is a EXO unit, “Hey Mama!” easily falls into EXO’s style of songs – upbeat and very, very catchy. Once again, fans are going to be swept off their feet and swooning over EXO-CBX

Track 2: The One

“The One” is another funky and upbeat track from this album. With a major electronic-meets-90s influence listeners will once again be up and dancing along with the song. If you are looking for a song that will lift up your spirits, this is definitely a song to listen to.

Track 3: Rhythm After Summer

Not showing any signs of slowing down, EXO-CBX brings the classic 70’s-disco sound in their song, “Rhythm After Summer.” By bringing back such a nostalgic sound to their album, fans of all ages will enjoy this song in particular. “Rhythm After Summer” is the perfect example of how the summer heat never dies out and that a song like this will surely brighten up the day/night.

Track 4: Cherish

Once again, EXO-CBX brings another retro-inspired track to the list, this time taking influence from the 80’s/90’s. “Cherish” is a bit slower compared to the previous songs, however it is another catchy and feel-good track from the mini-album that many will enjoy. With the harmonization of all the members during the chorus, fans and listeners will be weak at the knees and smiling as they sing of cherishing you.

Track 5: Juliet

Though this is the last track from the album and considerably the slowest (yet still exciting) song from the mini-album, EXO-CBX once more impresses with another nostalgic-feeling song. “Juliet”, like the other tracks will have those grooving along. “Juliet” closes out the rest of the mini-album perfectly and the members of EXO-CBX manages to successfully make a big and positive impression for their debut.

Congratulations to EXO-CBX on their debut and hoping to hear more from them in the future!

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