FAKY returns with their latest track “Someday We’ll Know.”

The group brings back their EDM style which has a softer sound with heartfelt lyrics to back it up. The song focuses on dealing with pain and love. While people don’t figure out how to deal with these emotions, just know that you’ll have it figured out someday so, stay wild and free!

We watch the four ladies as they individually walk through the streets of Tokyo. Once the chorus starts, they cut to an intense dance break at night and by the end of the video, the group is dancing on a rooftop during the day.



Their sense of fashion gives off a very casual yet urban feel. Lil’ Fang’s clothing choice will bring back a little bit of nostalgia for TLC fans as she dons a long floral print silk blouse and red silk pants. This type of style is similar to the iconic girl group’s silk pajamas worn in their music video “Creep.”

Haven’t watched it yet? Take a look at the music video below!

“Someday We’ll Know” will be a part of their upcoming debut mini-album “Unwrapped,”which is set to be released on June 14th.


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