On June 7th, 2017, G-Dragon released the music video for ‘Untitled, 2014’, a song from his self-titled album, ‘Kwon Ji Yong.’

The twenty-nine-year-old leader of the mega-hit group BigBang is currently performing around the world on his Act III: Motte tour, which will reach the US in July. The release of this album, which has already topped iTunes charts in 39 countries, comes in the midst of a drug and overdose scandal involving his fellow band-mate, T.O.P.

GD 2014 5

The personal nature of ‘Untitled, 2014’ is a pleasant step away from the harsh media buzz surrounding G-Dragon and BigBang. The singer will be entering his thirties and could possibly serve his mandatory military service soon. This song has a soft feel that contrasts heavily to the harder tracks on the album. It opens with a piano, the sole instrument in the song, and a purple blue screen slowly fades out to G-Dragon’s side profile.

The entire video is taken in one shot. The camera zooms in and out on G-Dragon while the background and lighting in the video flow through clouds and colors of purples. G-Dragon is dressed in a red, transparent shirt covered in flowers or lace. It is a surprisingly delicate garment but it suits the soft, quiet nature of the song and lyrics.

Please just once
If I can just see you
I’m ok with losing everything I have
I’ll meet you, even if it’s in a dream
And we can love again
Just as we are

GD 2014 2

The intimacy of the lyrics is striking. G-dragon’s distinctive voice carries the message of the song without sounding regretful even though the song expresses loss. Like the music and the video, G-Dragon is depicted as gentle but raw. His appearance almost has a stripped quality. His hair is slick and messy and very little about his appearance is flashy or overdone. There is no choreography in ‘Untitled, 2014’. The camera focuses on him throughout regardless of whether or not he is staring directly into it or turning away.

GD 2014 3 3

The colors and background behind G-Dragon change and swell with the music. The effect is beautiful and hypnotizing. With over nine million views on YouTube in only a few days since it’s release, the music video seems to be a hit with K-Pop fans around the world. As the song comes to a close, G-Dragon mimes playing the final piano notes on empty air. The background behind him lightens to a bright, calm blue sky.

GD 2014 3

No, I’ll meet you again in the next life
We’ll love each other once again
Just as we did before

Hopefully, fans will see more emotional and moving work like ‘Untitled, 2014’ from G-Dragon in the future. Want to find out more about G-Dragon’s world tour? Be sure to check out his YG Entertainment concert page.

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