Korean indie band hyukoh just released their first full album in April 2017, and their 2015 song “Comes and Goes” is a delightfully low-key track that provides a perfect throwback for old and new fans alike.

The music video has a home movie feel and quality to it. In the beginning, viewers see the four members of the group lounging around a dimly lit den that could perhaps be a studio as well. Leader and vocalist Oh Hyuk sits on a chair and plucks the main chords on an electric guitar. He is soon joined by the remainder of the band, and the song takes off into a fun, laid-back groove that is well suited for jamming. “Comes and Goes” feels inspired by the earlier styles of the ’60s and ’70s but remains unique as it’s carried along by Oh Hyuk’s voice, which fluctuates between high, smooth and pleasantly raspy.


The men are shown goofing off in the relaxed setting for the duration of the video. Their demeanor and the quirky nature of the song fit the theme of friends having a good time.

Fans of hyukoh will enjoy the unhurried vibe and the repetitive chords; nothing about the tune is  rushed, and the bass carries a mellow, easy beat. Even the chorus, which picks up the pace considerably, does not overly emphasize one particular part of the song.

Their lyrics repeat that “big boys still play the game all the time,” and the chorus is in English. Perhaps they are referring to romantic games or fun lost in the past? Whatever the case, this infectious beat is simply made for dancing. This song is perfect for driving with the windows down on a Friday night or having a jam session with friends of your own.


 “Comes and Goes” appeals to a wide range of listeners for the above reasons, regardless of whether they’re fans of Korean music and K-Indie. The work as a whole is a fantastic example of hyukoh’s talent and their ability to create diverse music, and it’ll hopefully serve as an enjoyable way to spice up your playlist.

Interested in K-indie? You can find more from hyukoh on their YouTube channel.

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