Jimin Park is back again with another solo album! Released on August 23rd, Jimin brings another album showcasing her luscious and powerful vocals in a new solo album titled, “19 to 20.” From this album, she also released a music video to the title track, “Try.”

Following is a review of Jimin Park’s latest solo album along with an overall rating.

Title Track: Try (다시)

With a soothing intro into the song, Jimin’s vocals are accentuated by the acoustics of the song before it begins to pick up slightly in beat. The song is upbeat yet soothing, perfect for those days of sitting back and relaxing, while forgetting the problems of the world. Even just for a bit. Fans and listeners of the album while surely get swept up in Jimin’s beautiful vocals. Though Jimin is capable of belting out powerful music, “Try” as a title track is refreshing to hear something that is softer from Jimin.

Watch the music video for “Try” here!

Track 2: Young해 20 (Feat. Young K)

Super funky and well-suited for a summer party, “Young해 20” will surely have fans, new and old, jumping out of their seats and dancing along. Having Young K of Day6 feature on the track compliments very well with Jimin’s smooth and powerful vocals. This track is very fun and creates a bright vibe to the song with the mix of electro-90’s instrumentals. Fit for a party and a good time, this is definitely a track to add to those end-of-the-summer party playlists.

Track 3: Walkin’ (feat. Hash Swan)

One of the slower, R&B/Hip-Hop tracks from the album, “Walkin'” has a vibe that will make you sway along. The song also gives a pleasant surprise of Jimin singing a few lines in English in the second verse. With Hash Swan featuring on the track, he compliments Jimin’s vocals with his scratchy-like rap. The mix of the strings with the bass and slower beat really add to the song along with the smoothness of Jimin’s vocals.

Track 4: ANSWER

The intro of the song is whimsical and almost music-box sounding, it gives off the impression as if it was going to be a softer song like the title track. However it leads up into an R&B track, similar to “Walkin'” that will have fans swaying along to the song. This song is one of the tracks where her power vocals are showcased a bit more, hitting those high notes that she manages to do effortlessly and beautifully.

Track 5: to him

Another soft and slow track from her album with a simple beat and instrumental. As Jimin never fails to do, it’s another good song that shows off her soothing vocals. The song is perfect to study to or to sit back and relax to.

Track 6: ANSWER (Demo Version)

This is the English version of “Answer” which is on the album and it is very refreshing to hear. At first, because of the title of the song containing the words, “demo version”, initial impression of the song was that the instrumentals or some other aspects of the song were going to be different from the original track on the album. No matter the language of the song, it is still beautiful to hear Jimin sing.

Jimin manages to stay consistent with her songs on this album and has left a lasting impression. Jimin does not want fans and listeners to forget that she can sing really well. She is just not the fun and perky host of After School Club. Jimin is first and foremost a singer and it is good to hear her singing once more. Overall, such a great album to listen to. It leans more into the R&B genre in K-Pop and is very soothing to listen to. Go and check out her album! It is surely one not to miss out on!

Overall Rating: 9/10 (and would definitely recommend)


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