SoundCloud artist “ideadead” creates the musical version of a rainy day by covering The Black Skirts with song “Ariel.”

Breaking into the music scene can’t be an easy task. For Korean indie artists, building a following can be especially difficult in a market dominated by K-pop and K-hip-hop superstars. However, this acoustic cover and its original are certainly worth listening to.

ideadead’s cover begins with a light, flowing melody that is somewhere between an indie ballad and a bluesy serenade. A guitar is the only instrument used, but the cover is not lacking in any way.  The vocals slide right in and carry the song into the beautiful lyrics, which are sung in Korean and dotted with English throughout.

ideadead’s voice has a soft, gently raspy quality that is simply delightful. It lends a subtle romantic sadness to the song. ideadead croons about the departure of his baby in English and sings that “you know me better than that.”

This tune is a wonderful example of why a perfect translation is not always needed for enjoyment. The song is full of heart, perhaps whole or broken, and brings to mind thoughts of sitting in a coffee shop on a rainy day or lying in the grass on a sunny afternoon. ideadead’s vocals are equal parts sweet and smokey. Combined with gorgeous acoustics, they make for a fantastic song that any K-indie fan will enjoy. Find more of ideadead on SoundCloud and be sure to enjoy the original version of “Ariel” and other work by The Black Skirts.

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