After his recent break into the American music industry with his English solo “July”, Chinese actor and singer Kris Wu is back with another video! His new music video and song are titled “Juice” and feature in the new movie XXX: Return of Xander Cage. The movie, which is scheduled to come out January 20th, will star old-timer Vin Diesel as well as Kris Wu himself!


Like, “July”, Wu’s new video is mostly comprised of solo shots of himself, the movie, and lowly mumbled lyrics … both of which enforce the necessary mystique and hype that has been building up around the new release. With the amount of cars and motorcycles in the video, it almost feels like he should have been releasing a track for another Fast and Furious movie instead of another XXX film; but once the quick flicks of different scenes are worked in, the song fits perfectly with Vin Diesel’s action-packed stunts.


His catch phrase, “Can’t lose. I got juice. And they know I do.” is scattered throughout the song with some menacing looking shots of Wu and the other actors. His aggressive tone along with the high-powered machinery and graffiti-smeared walls in the background suggests that dominance and competition will perhaps be the reigning themes in this new film.


Now, while both the music and the movie have received promising early-release reviews, there is one worrisome thought that continues to come to mind: the disaster that was Rap Monster’s “Fantastic” with the new Fantastic Four movie.  When the news was released about Rap Monster recording a song and music video for the new Fantastic Four back in 2015, fans of BTS and of SyFy both went wild! However, after the release of the movie, audiences were left disappointed at the less than impressive movie, and the inclusion of Rap Monster’s song only in the ending credits.

Hopefully, this movie will turn out milestones better! After all, Kris Wu does have a role in the actual movie and has been accredited for his acting skills in several Chinese movies and dramas before his break into American cinema. To be certain, check out XXX: Return of Xander Cage in theaters on January 20th!

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