New Orleans alternative band Mutemath just release a new single to announce their brand new “Play Dead Live” tour.

The band, now consisting of lead vocalist and musician Paul Meany, drummer Darren King, bassist and keyboardist Jonathan Allen and guitarist and keyboardist Todd Gummerman formed in 2002. They released their EP Reset in 2004 and a self-titled album shortly afterward in 2006. Rising popularity accompanied each following album. Mutemath has appeared numerous times on The Late Show and Jimmy Kimmel Live! They received a Dove Award as well as a Grammy nomination. Their work has been featured on soundtracks for films such as Never Back Down, Twilight and Transformers. They also released a collaboration entitled “TOPXMM” with the group Twenty One Pilots, who’s hit song “Heathens” was recently a part of the Suicide Squad soundtrack.


Every new release by Mutemath differs from their previous work in some way. “Hit Parade” is no exception. The song opens with Paul’s uniquely raw vocals, accompanied by a soft synthetic introduction that builds and is carried by the drums into the core beat of the song. It brings to mind words like “chill” and “groovy”. The song is not particularly trance-like but it is very easy to get lost in. Some of Mutemath’s work can be an intense, musical collision that some listeners may find pleasantly overwhelming. For others, it may be a bit too much. “Hit Parade” manages to land somewhere in the middle.

Tie yourself to me
Cavernous jewelry
I’m on your shoulder
Don’t leave me sober

Gold coins, I want it
Yellow doubloons, I need it
A silo, I want it
Stuffed animals, I need it
Mama, I’m runnin’
Feeling so electric

Tell me something, tell me anything
Is there one thing that could mean everything
Yeah, Yeah
Find me something, find me anything
Is there one thing that could mean everything
Yeah, Yeah

The lyrics of the song are wonderfully puzzling. In my personal opinion, it speaks to the desire of a person to want, need and have things and attach meaning where their may be none all for the purpose of living a good, fulfilling life. The song is most certainly a journey. It is perfect for a live performance, perhaps at a hot summer music festival, or for the casual listener to enjoy in the quiet of their own home.

Mutemath tours

Fans may be able to hear “Hit Parade” live on the “Play Dead Live” tour when it begins this September.  Locations include Ohio, New York, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Los Angeles and Seattle. If you want to find out more, be sure to checkout Mutemath’s Facebook and Twitter Pages.

(Images courtesy of Mutemath’s Facebook page)



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