Debuting as another sub-unit from SM’s NCT (Neo Technology Culture), NCT Dream releases their debut single, “Chewing Gum.” NCT Dream is the youngest idol group to debut under SM, with an average age of 15.6. NCT Dream’s “Chewing Gum” single was released on August 27, 2016, with a Korean and Chinese version of the song. The music video for the single was release before hand on August 25th.

The following is a review of NCT Dream’s “Chewing Gum”

The Music Video

NCT Dream released music videos for both the Korean and Chinese version of the song. There are only subtle differences in terms of the order of what set appears first or the outfit being worn but the overall story/theme remains the same.

As a brief summary of the plot, all the boys attend a boarding school (assuming due to their matching uniforms) that has very strict rules and it seems as if chewing gum (or any sweets) are off limits or not allowed. So when the time is right, the boys sneak a chance at enjoying themselves of their secret stash of sweets, especially chewing gum. In a sense, the chewing gum gives them a sense of freedom and an escape from the strict rules to follow. This provides the boys of NCT Dream a sense of happiness. Even though at the end of the day or the next day when the members are lined up once more (and are checked to see if they are following the rules) the members still are not allowed to have chewing gum, they still have their own secret to themselves that the chewing gum and sweets are not going away.

The music video’s visuals are very bright with holographic/computer graphic images as the background. The sets of the music video also had colorful props adding to the fun and happy music video. The members of NCT Dream also left an impression as they danced around in hoverboards and also their sharp choreography as well.

The Song

The song itself was very catchy and bright, matching up to the music video. It is a fun pop song that has a happy-go-lucky vibe. This song is different compared to the songs that other NCT’s sub units have released but this song is an example of the versatility that members of NCT can tackle different types of concepts. The song has an addictive beat similar to the other NCT sub units and is catchy regardless of the language that the song is being sung in. With the help of the acoustic strings and almost a video-game like sound, fans and listeners will feel a sense of youthfulness that the song brings.

As NCT Dream is a young-aged K-Pop idol boy group, with this debut, they definitely hit their demographic of wanting to reach out to a younger audience. With their exposure to the K-Pop community and music industry, these talented members have a lot of room for growth and they are promising and full of potential. Though this was only a single, there is a lot of expectation for them as a group and how they are going to grow in the future. The song is fun and catchy and definitely worth a listen.

Source: SMTOWN Official Twitter, Vyrl 
Image Source: Vyrl



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