Housed under HIGHGRND, Punchnello released his deluxe single on September 8th. One of the newest artists to come from HIGHGRND (Tablo from Epik High’s label), Punchnello brings his fresh rap fused together with a slight R&B, electronic and hip hop. His latest deluxe single, “LIME” is an album worth checking out and listening to. Though there are only three tracks on the single, Punchnello shows his ability to bring something great to the Korean music industry.

The following is  review of PUNCHNELLO’s deluxe single album, “LIME” and an overall rating and recommendation.

Title Track : LIME

As the first song off of the deluxe single, “Lime” is a song to groove to in terms of the instrumental, however the moment that Punchnello begins his rap, listeners will be enchanted. There is an air of simplicity to this track as it is not too bass-heavy compared to other artists. Punchnello’s flow is smooth that compliments his husky voice. Overall, this track is a great start to his deluxe single. This song is a great introduction to listeners who have not heard of Punchnello and his works.

Track 2: Corona (featuring Crush)

Similar to the first track, this song is upbeat and fresh that will have listeners grooving along to the song. With the featuring of Crush, both artists compliment each other, making a smooth track together. With the arrangement of the song, “Corona” is reminiscent of what Crush would release for himself. This is the only song from this deluxe single that has an accompanying music video were Crush also makes his appearance along with a surprise appearance of DEAN. The visuals of the music video match the funky sound of the song. This is another solid track from the album and with the featuring of Crush, listeners and fans will enjoy this track.

Watch the “Corona” MV here!

Track 3: Green Horizon

Still sticking to his signature fusion of R&B, electronic hip-hop style, Punchnello brings another solid track from this single. There are not much words to say except that this song is another great song that showcases his rapping abilities. It’s catchy and once again listeners and fans will be grooving along with this track.

Overall, Punchnello shows great talent and raises much anticipation for his future releases. His style stays consistent throughout the album and the fusion of R&B, electronic and hip-hop earns great impressions. This is a great deluxe single and highly recommended, that if you have not listened to Punchnello yet, you should definitely give this deluxe single a listen to his other works that he has released on his official SoundCloud.

Rating: 10/10

Source: HIGHGRND Official Twitter
Image Source: HIGHGRND Official Twitter


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