Red Velvet is back once more with their 3rd Mini Album titled, “Russian Roulette.” Released on September 7th, the ladies of Red Velvet are back with another upbeat and funky album full of color and great music. On this album, they have also released a music video that is titled after the name of the album, “Russian Roulette.”

The following below is a review of Red Velvet’s latest mini album, including a rating of the album as well.

Title Track: 러시안 룰렛 (Russian Roulette)

With a mix of video game-inspired yet retro in feeling instrumental, the first and title track of this album is a signature fun and upbeat song from Red Velvet. With a touch of 8-bit within the instrumentals, one can imagine themselves being transported into a video game or being taken back into time to some type of funky/retro television show. The song is also cute itself, being such a bright and happy song to listen to. The music video for “Russian Roulette” brings the song to life even more with its quirky, brightly-colored sets and outfits. Once again, Red Velvet never fails to impress with another great song.

Track 2: Lucky Girl

Continuing with the retro-vibe, “Lucky Girl” takes you back to the 50’s with the classic swing-inspired meets toy box themed instrumentals. One can imagine themselves in a classic diner from the 50’s, dancing swing while listening to the song. Not as fast-paced compared to the title track, it is still a fun track to get up and vibe with. Red Velvet’s vocals are  once again on point as well, surely giving fans chills with their sweet and powerful vocals. In particular, the harmonies of all the members during the chorus, make this a song that will be put on repeat.

Track 3: Bad Dracula

Once again, Red Velvet continues on with a retro/video-game vibe with “Bad Dracula.” It is another upbeat and fast-paced song off the album that will get listeners and fans on their feet dancing around. “Bad Dracula” is fun and once again bright and happy and can be best fitted for the opening sequence to an anime. Overall, another great song from this album.

Track 4: Sunny Afternoon

With a 90’s vibe, “Sunny Afternoon” is another sweet song by Red Velvet. One of the key highlights from the song is the improv of high notes throughout the song, especially after the chorus that will transition into the next verse. Going back to the 90’s vibe that this song has, it has a Janet Jackson-type of instrumental that will have fans and listeners groove along to “Sunny Afternoon.” Though this is only the halfway mark on the album in terms of how many tracks were released, the album and sound so far from Red Velvet is solid. This is another great track to listen to and it’s definitely worth recommending to others to listen to.

Track 5: Fool

Simple with the acoustic instrumentals backing the ladies of Red Velvet, this is a sweet song that is perfect for those days where a good song needs to be put on while getting work done. Somehow, the song puts a spring in your step as you listen to the song and it will surely bring a smile to listeners as they listen to such a cute and  sweet song. As a more softer song from the album, it is a refreshing track compared to the previous tracks that are faster in tempo.

Track 6: Some Love

Currently trending in K-Pop, is having a more EDM-influenced/based track and “Some Love” falls into that trend. It’s catchy and will have listeners swaying along to the beat of the song. Even though most songs from this album can be suited for the summer, “Some Love” is the perfect track for the summer season. Red Velvet continues to be consistent throughout this album, bringing another upbeat song into the album. Overall another quality song from this album and one that many will enjoy.

Track 7: My Dear

More a jazz-influenced upbeat track off of the album. Like all the other tracks preceding this track, it’s very bright and happy in sound. The touch of saxophone and keyboard in the instrumentals are a nice twist to the song. It is another catchy song within the album and it proves that Red Velvet remains consistent with delivering great songs that are all upbeat and bright.

Overall, Red Velvet has once again released another album filled with great songs to listen to. Fans and listeners will truly appreciate this album and it is definitely one to add to the music library. With such a fun and bright album, fans of Red Velvet will not be disappointed. It is another signature Red Velvet release, with it’s catchiness and funky style/concept. Red Velvet is back and solidifying their claim as a top girl-group of 2016.   Congratulations to Red Velvet on making another comeback!

Overall Rating: 9/10

Image Source: SMTOWN Vyrl, SMTOWN Official Twitter




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