On December 27th 2016, CJ E&M Music released the sixth single and music video for Seo In Guk’s song, Bebe. The MV opens with several quick scenes that all show one thing, nervousness. As the video progresses, Seo In Guk can be seen fighting with himself, as if he is wrestling with a decision. An example of this is when he places his hand over his face as he walks away from the building.


During this time, the line that plays is, “That face is dangerous.” This could possibly allude to a mutual seduction that both parties are trying to resist and failing miserably. The pre-chorus and its accompanying scene, where he whispers in her ear, “Don’t think about it. Baby don’t” signals a change in tone where it becomes apparent that resistance has become futile. As the video continues, we see more signs of internal struggle and conflict before the final submission in the last scene.


This video is a masterful combination of mystery and sensuality. It teases at what is going on without being vulgar or raunchy, using various shots to convey intimacy, such as the Polaroid-like shots of him whispering in her ear.


However, the best shots by far occurred during the chorus while he was walking outside. The black and white scene, enhanced with a hint of sepia undertones, were wonderfully balanced with the rich and vibrant red of his coat. This excellent choice of editing drew the attention to Seo In Guk and the chorus of the song, enabling the listener to commit them to memory.


The set design gave the appearance of elegance and high-class without being gaudy, using touches of crystal and lit candles. The lighting also added to the shroud of mystery, using darker tones of blue and red with splashes of bright color.


The styling in this video was also able to convey a high-standard of living while being very simple. Seo In Guk wore a red full-length coat paired with a black turtleneck sweater, black trousers and black boots. He was accessorized with a pair of simple, small, silver hoop earrings. His hair did not appear to be overly done, whether it was styled up and back, slightly reminiscent of Grease, or down with a slight middle parting and bangs.


The production and vocals of the song were impeccable. From the saxophone introduction, to the horn accents, to the hi-hat, snare, and bass rhythms, to the choice of synthesizers, everything was placed with a precision that could be envied.

Seo In Guk’s vocals were excellently controlled and balanced as well. He commanded every single moment of verse and chord, never drowning out the track as well as not allowing himself to become lost in it. There was a definite R&B/Soul vibe that is almost reminiscent of Ne-Yo and Sam Smith with the smoothness of Teddy Pendergrass and Barry White, giving this song a full body.

For those who have been acquainted with Seo In Guk, this is a wonderful auditory and visual treat, as he was previously known as a ballad singer. For those who have never heard of Seo In Guk, this song is an excellent introduction to the sheer talent that he is. His next release is greatly anticipated.


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