SHINee is back once again with their 5th Album titled, “1 of 1”, taking fans and listeners on a ride back to the 90’s. The whole album consists of 80’s/90’s-inspired tracks, some upbeat and some a bit slow. Regardless many will enjoy this album as they listen to another impressive and long-awaited release from SHINee.

The following is a review of SHINee’s latest album, “1 of 1”.

Track 1: Prism 

This is the first track off the album and it is reminiscent of a previously released track, “View.” It has a similar chill vibe while giving it the classic techno-funk 90’s influence. “Prism” is upbeat and fast-paced, making fans get up and dance along to the music. This song is a great introduction to the rest of the album and the 80s/90’s influence that many will see throughout the album.

Title Track: 1 of 1 

“1 of 1” is a heavily 90’s influenced track, from the instrumentals down to the style that the members of SHINee has in the music video. The title track has a very nostalgic sound to it, ones that older and new fans will really appreciated, especially those who grew up in the 90’s. This is another solid release from SHINee, easily making this another classic hit for the group. From the bright colors, fashion, dance down to the overall song, one will be taken down memory lane through the 80’s & 90’s.

Track 3: Feel Good 

This track is once again, very 1980’s. The track starts off slow but builds up into a fun and upbeat dance track that will be perfect for those late night partying. The song is also reminiscent of Lionel Richie’s hit song, “All Night Long” as it has similar sounds and feeling.

Track 4: Don’t Let Me Go

“Don’t Let Me Go” is a bit more mellow and slow compared to the other tracks off the album. It’s more of an R&B song but nonetheless SHINee does not disappoint when it comes to showing their versatility in different tracks. Along with their smooth vocals, this is another great song to groove along to as you listen.

Track 5: Lipstick 

Another R&B slow jam from this album that utilizes the sounds of the synthesizer and piano. There is more of a sensual feeling that is expressed through the song, making fans melt at the vocals once again.  The song talks about how the girl of their affection, makes them feel different colors, similar to the colors of lipstick. The SHINee members sing of wanting to kiss the girl of their affection and wanting to feel the softness of her lips. If that is not more of a reason to swoon for SHINee…

Track 6: Don’t Stop

Picking the pace back up once again, SHINee brings another electro-R&B track to the album. It has a simple beat but nonetheless it is catchy and entrancing, as it makes Shawols want to sway along with the song.

Track 7: SHIFT 

“SHIFT” is another electro-pop song, that will transport any listener to driving along the tropical coast where the sun is shining bright and the breeze is oh so good. Listeners will feel refreshed through this dance track.

Track 8: U Need Me 

A song that may have came straight out of a 90’s video game, thanks to the 8-bit instrumentals throughout the songs. “U Need Me” is upbeat and jazzy as well, going along with the current trend of being inspired by the 90’s. Who else would like to see SHINee perform this along with the great Janet Jackson, as this track is something reminiscent of what the female artist would release.

Track 9: So Amazing (Special Track) 

This song is dedicated especially to SHINee’s fandom, Shawols (short for SHINee World) that is very happy and bright. The members sing of being connected to their fans and continuing on this journey of music and talent along with them. The bond and connection that SHINee and their fans are “So Amazing” and it’s very endearing to have a song dedicated especially for them. This is why “So Amazing” is considered the special track from the album, as it is for their fans and showing how much love they have for Shawols.

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  1. I’m really glad to read a positive yet very objective review of SHINee’s album I’m really exited they will have a repackaged album soon ♥

  2. This is one of my favorite album releases from Shinee and it’s so great to read an article that doesn’t criticize the direction that Shinee is going. They’re a versatile group and can do a lot of genres and it’s just simply awesome to watch them.

  3. I’m so glad I found this article about 1 of 1. I’m in love with this comeback and a lot of people have been critizicing it for not being up to their previous comebacks, with which I disagree. SHINee is amazing for trying such a diferent style from the current trend, thank you for the article.

  4. 1 of 1 was definitely my favorite comeback this year by far. It’s so nostalgic and makes me wish i got into SHINee’s music sooner!!

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