On August 26th, SM Station (SM’s music campaign of releasing a song every week) released a new team for the week’s release. This was in collaboration with JYP Entertainment. Triple T consisted of Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon, Min from Miss A and Jo Kwon of 2AM with a featuring of JYP himself on the track.

Initial thoughts that came to mind when hearing the release of these great artists coming together for a collaboration was that the song and music videos were going to be something fun and really upbeat. Hyoyeon, Min and Jo Kwon are all amazing dancers and singers. So before the music video and the song were even released, expectations were high.

However, expectations were clearly not met. While the actual song was not that bad, the music video was not what I was envisioning. I have watched the music video a numerous amount of times, but it still falls short of expectations. I am all for having special effects within a music video, but when the special effects takeover and overshadow the artists themselves it lowers the quality of the music video. There was too much flashing of lights and colors that, making out the artists were rather difficult. A colorful headache as I would like to say.

The music video as well, did not cover much of the choreography for the song, which would have been great to see considering that Hyoyeon, Min and Jo Kwon can really dance and are known as the dancers in their respective groups. Even though Jo Kwon is not from a group that dances, there are many, many occasions in which Jo Kwon has shown his ability to dance. Even watching the live performances that Triple T has done, the choreography was not that impressive. The choreography was rather simple and didn’t really go as hard as it could have.

The song itself was not bad and actually really catchy, but at the same time, there could have been something more added to create more hype. Compared to other SM Station releases, Triple T’s release of “Born To Be Wild” fell rather short. The song on its own is good but again, there could have been something more to this song that would have made it a real hit.

Overall, this was a definite miss and should Triple T ever come together for another collaboration, I hope that all the members will be better showcased for their visuals, vocals and dancing abilities. In the future, I hope that they will release a track that will get fans up and going wild just like them. Hopefully,  there will be other opportunities for JYP and SM artists to collaborate once again. Though this song was not particularly the best song, it show promise and potential for more chances of the companies getting together and collaborating on another music project.

Source: SMTOWN Vyrl


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