Vocal powerhouse Suran shows viewers the colder side of love in her 2016 music video for song “Winter Bird.”

The video opens with the shot of a busy highway bridge behind Suran. The air is hazy with smoke as the camera draws back to focus on her. Snow flutters down to stick to her hair and her pink pastel “furry” coat, which almost has the appearance of feathers. Suran is pictured with a dark, almost blue filter, and the background behind her is out of focus throughout the song, which creates a cold and distant feeling in the music video.

Suran 1

Suran walks as she begins to sing. The entire video appears to be one long tracking shot. It follows her in slow motion as she walks to a gorgeous piano that is situated in the middle of the road. She briefly takes a seat at the piano and then continues around it as more snow falls. The piano and stringed instruments are the main components of the music.

With “Winter Bird,” Suran showcases the unique raspy quality of her voice. The melody swells and wanes in breathtakingly beautiful arcs. The music blends seamlessly with her vocals. To contrast with the sultry and achy quality of her voice, she nails high and sweet notes that are reminiscent of a bird’s song.

Suran 2

Tears flow
When calling you, it flows
Trickles down
Winter bird cries

Suran 3

The lyrics in the song are as beautiful as Suran’s voice. She sings of wanting her “long, long nights to end” and how it “hurts now because [they] loved like summer.” The song is a painfully gorgeous look at how a broken heart can become as cold and distant as a winter bird.

Be sure to check out the latest from Suran on YouTube and her most recent album “Walkin’,” which was released on June 2.


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