TEN of NCT U broke out with his solo “Dream in a Dream” on April 6, and the music video is decidedly a visual feast from start to finish. SMTown’s YouTube channel describes the work as “Oriental sounds that harmonize with TEN’s dreamy vocals featuring “lyrics [that] search [for] the meaning of true love at the border line between dream and reality.”

“Dream in a Dream” opens with TEN, clothed in white, diving straight into a stunning  dance routine alongside six black-clad backup dancers. However, in order to truly appreciate the choreography, it’s recommended to watch the practice video below as well.

The choreography is one of the highlights of the music video. It is clean, tight and showcases beautiful complexity. With TEN as the center of the movements, dancers circle around him and unfurl like the lotus pictured on the floor.

Ten Lotus

TEN further takes the spotlight in a solo moment that is later shared with a graceful female partner. The moves inherently differ from the hardcore hip-hop choreography that fans saw with NCT U and feel akin to martial arts, which is also a theme present in the rest of the video.

As SMTown noted, Eastern influences have a heavy presence throughout. The trance-like beat is broken apart by elegant strings. It mixes incredibly well with the lyrics of the song, which are entirely in English and consist of only six lines. The Thai singer transforms the words into silk.

Finally, the stunning visuals tie the surreal theme together. The imagery in this video is gorgeous. White backgrounds and white flowing fabric on the walls create a blank canvas to reflect ambient, psychedelic light. The video continues the theme with its use of the aforementioned lotus on the ground as well as a temple-like structure that TEN sits and dances in. We see TEN holding the moon in the palm of his hand and we also see him enclosed in a glass-walled box. TEN is shown shrouded by cloth, smoke and transparent walls several times throughout the video like a dreamer fighting to stay asleep. The meaning behind the visual choices is open to interpretation, but in the end, it creates a delicate mixture that is a joy to watch over and over again.

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