In every genre of music, there remain to be those few individuals that dive deeper into their craft, often touching subjects that we would normally avoid speaking about at the dinner table. Some music can be looked to for that spiritual connection, often times it’s usually gospel or a form of rhythm and blues. However, depending on the artist, that sense of enlightenment can come from any genre. In 2014, pop singer GAIN released the song “Paradise Lost,” a song that pays homage to John Milton’s poem “Paradise Lost” and the Christian/Judaic Book of Genesis. The song challenges the original message of the Adam and Eve story and brings many things to light about religion like it’s history of control and manipulation, along with questions about our why we exist in this world. (Photo Credit: Paradise Lost Music Video)

“Anyone looking for the paradise lost. Like sweet honey. Maybe I am that your diamond lost. Like something you want like crazy.”

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