VIXX is back again once more with another single album (that is also part of the trilogy albums), “Hades.” This album was released on August 12th, 2016 after the wrap up of their concert in Seoul, “Elysium.” This album consists of three songs plus the instrumental of the title track.

The following is a review and overall rating of the album.

Title Track: Fantasy

As the title track of the album, this song gives Starlights and fans their daily dose of hauntingly beautiful work. With the piano instrumental that is reminiscent of the piano masterpiece, “Moonlight Sonata”, it adds to the spookiness and eerie vibe of the song. But the song then picks up in a very powerful and orchestral instrumental. The song on its own is truly beautiful and fans can pick up that this is one of their more serious and rather sad song. All the members vocal ability is shown through this song as well, complimenting the tone of the song. The music video for “Fantasy” brings the song to life with its haunting and dark theme. Only VIXX themselves can pull off such a dark yet beautiful song off.

Watch the music video for “Fantasy” here!

Track 2: Love Me Do

Compared to their title track, “Love Me Do” is faster in tempo and beat and leans more to the techno-EDM type of music as the instrumentals. Another good song from VIXX that showcases all the members vocal abilities. There is still a dark vibe that the song gives off however “Love Me Do” is the perfect track to transition into the last song of the album. This provides a great balance between all the songs within the album.

Track 3: 나비 효과 (Butterfly Effect)

A complete contrast to their dark and haunting title track, “Butterfly Effect” is a sweeter and softer song. As mentioned previously, “Love Me Do” is the perfect transition from dark the light. Time and time again, VIXX proves that even though they are known for their darker themes, they show their versatility of of types of music they can release. “Butterfly Effect” is a perfect example of this. Another great song from VIXX and it is refreshing to hear a lighter and bright song  to balance out the album. The vocals from each member, were once again on point and further enhanced the song.

As their second installment of their trilogy series, this album was another good one. From the concept to the music, it is always a treat when VIXX releases another album. This brings further expectations for the ending of the trilogy as fans wait for the last installment to be added. With “Dynamite” being a happier/bright track and “Fantasy” beings a darker type of song, there is a lot of curiosity to what VIXX will be releasing next. Overall this was another great release from VIXX!

Overall Rating: 8.5/10 

Image Source: VIXX Official Twitter, NAVER 



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