This guest entry was written by comedian, entertainer and YouTube vlogger Miles Jai of Miles Jai Productions on MACG Productions’ behalf. Views and opinions expressed in this entry are solely those of the guest contributor.

So my day started off just as any other day, a quick coffee, snack, then off to work on my computer at home. Except on that day, while checking my emails, I received an offer from the lovely Multifacetedacg Productions to attend DEAN’s concert in Los Angeles as Press! Previously I had heard that the show’s tickets had popped up with very little promotion, and yet, sales had been completely wiped out by fans in less than 2 hours. So naturally, I said heck yeah and took my camera as well as my flat behind straight to The Mayan Theater. When I had arrived, there was a packed crowd of DEAN fans (is there a fan name?) lined up against the sidewalk, bubbling over with excitement, their eyes bright with hope at the moment to see their fave and possibly touch his hand. However, to my surprise, once I caught their eye, a large group of fans were excited to see lil ole’ me! DEANS fans were not afraid to kindly ask for some photos while they were waiting in line, as well as share their excitement with me about the concert. People in front of the line had been waiting since 7 AM and they somehow managed to still have energy at this 7 PM show. DEANs fans are nothing short of incredible, as I was soon to find out.


Press was ushered into the venue first by security, and inside it was empty all except for DEAN who was standing on stage doing a mic test, his sultry angelic voice ringing throughout, lights flashing around his frame, and his name lit up boldly behind him. Honestly, what a thing to just casually walk into. I was shaken to my core. I understand 100% why people lost their minds when seeing him, cause for a hot minute I seemed to lose mine too. After snapping some shots for yours truly, they let the rest of the attendees in for the show. It started with DJ Them Jeans getting people hyped for the show, he spun pop jams and even a little Mariah Carey “All I Want For Christmas” which had people screaming the lyrics in unison. Once his set was done, the first performing act Starro came out on stage. His far out electronic, synth vibe had everyone entranced and then beat dropped and his band began to play and it turned into a rock show. People were screaming, jumping around and getting so hyped. I was so close to the drums that I was just trying to get through the show with my hearing still intact. There were some guest singers involved, but I’m not sure if it was the sound or if it was because I was so close to the drums, but I couldn’t hear what they were singing very well. In the finale, Starro went all out rock n’ roll style and even took an unexpected tumble downstage, but jumped right back up and continued to finish his set. It. Was. Amazing.


Now, FINALLY, DEANs set has arrived. The lights go dark, and at long last, DEANs song starts! The lights go up as he starts to sing and walks on stage, and the audience flips out and begins to push forward. Everyone wants a closer look at the man himself. He’s got his signature haircut, the sides shaved with a long side part, a huge plaid coat covers his shoulders, and black pants with some heavy duty boots to finish the look. This man is looking fiiiine (he smelled good too if anybody out there wants to know). DEANs out here blessing my eardrums with his vocals song after song. Whenever he walks to the left, the audience pushes to the left, whenever he walks to the right, they push to the right. At this point, my body is being crushed and I’m halfway on stage. I was dying slightly, but I was so close to DEAN I could touch him, so you know, I was okay. The girl next to me actually got to hold DEANs hand as he sang and she nearly broke down but kept it together as we chuckled light-heartedly at her reaction. After he sang a few songs, he laughed and announced his goodbye. It felt like he had been on stage for 5 seconds compared to the previous acts and the audience was having NONE of that. DEANs name starts to echo through the theater as the fans chant “DEAN! DEAN! DEAN!”, and after a few minutes, he hops back on stage to sing “Not Sorry” (literally my favorite song from him). I took a moment to scream my “YASSS”es and my “SLAY”s and then he said “Thanks for coming!” and ran off stage again.


Everyone in the front row, especially first-time viewers of DEANs live show were shocked. According to word of mouth, the show was supposed to end at 9 PM, but it took an early bow at 8:30 PM. The staff began cleaning up, and the front row audience began to yell at them, “Is the show really over?”, “Tell DEAN to get his butt back out here!”, as well as my personal favorite, “could you PLEASE give me the water bottle DEAN drank out of?!”. The staff informed everyone that the show was indeed officially over and security began to escort everyone out of the theater. A hefty amount of fans left feeling a bit miffed, but nevertheless glad they got to see their favorite pretty boy live. All in all, it was a great show, the fans were wild, as most fans are, but everyone had fun. If you ever get a chance to see DEAN live, I’d highly recommend you go…however I’d use discretion. The man is a trap and next thing you know you’ll be feeling some type of way, you will lose your mind, and immediately become a fan just like me.

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