Kpoppers, it’s time to stop the comparisons.

Stop comparing BTS to EXO and BIGBANG to SHINee, and please stop comparing all Korean boy groups to One Direction. Stop comparing 2NE1 to Fifth Harmony, and stop comparing Taeyang to Justin Bieber. Just stop. Let the artists be their own persons. Let the music be their own. The only time a comparison should be necessary in the music industry is when comparing a music cover to the original. Other than that, artist comparisons are not needed and just add ammunition to fan wars.

Take your own life, for example. When you are compared to a sibling, a friend, a distant relative … does it make you feel good? Do you feel like a success? Of course not. The comparison is unfair because you, like all others, are your own person.

Do not judge an artist’s value or musical capabilities by that of another artist. Aside from being extremely rude to the mentioned, it makes the speaker appear unintelligent and lacking in proper musical appreciation. The inability to recognize various music styles as unique and separate from one another shows a gaping absence of respect for artists.

As practice, let’s examine a recent article released from Noisy. In this short article and video, Taeyang of BIGBANG is referred to as having “essentially become the Justin Bieber of K-pop.” Now, anyone who is familiar with both Taeyang and Justin Bieber knows how blatantly incorrect and ridiculous this comparison is. But for those who may be ignorant on the background of either artist, here are a few details to keep in mind:


In case the chart is too confusing, the main idea to take away from this is that no piece of information from either performer is even remotely similar. So why are they being compared as if they are the same?

The fans are not completely to blame: YouTube channels like FOMO Daily (particularly their “For The Win” section) have been the worst perpetrators of artist comparisons. The comment sections underneath their videos are always riddled with fandoms — both American and Korean — continuing the battle through rough words and harsh statements. But what do these arguments prove? That one artist is truly superior to the other? No, it only proves that one fandom has a louder voice than the other.

Stop taking time to compare other artists, and start using that effort to show appreciation toward the ones you love.

Original image credit for this exceptionally aesthetic photo to Taeyang goes to YG Entertianment.



  1. Thank You for writing this article. I hate when people compare artists. It makes the person that does look petty or ignorant. Either they are arguing to try to show that their group/artist is better or like you said they are not informed about the group/artist in general. I am a fan of BTS and my husband was trying to explain who BTS is to a friend of ours. His way of explaining was “their like NSNYC but there is more of them, they’re Korean and they’re better.” I had to cut him off. I informed him that I really didn’t like the fact that he compared BTS to NSYNC. The only thing you could even say is similar is the fact that they both consisted of multiple male members, that is all. I told him that if he wanted to explain who BTS is it would be better to tell the person about them and their music over trying to find a western group/artist to compare them to. Artist work hard to establish themselves. They deserve to be recognized for their music and what they have accomplished. Please don’t belittle any artist by trying to compare them to another.

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