Worldwide sensation ONE OK ROCK is back with yet another passionate song.

The Japanese rock band, known for their unique energy and spirit, just released the fun video for their track “Change.”

Hey, you know it’s not too late for us to make a change
You gotta listen to your heart what does it say?
No matter how much we might bend we will not break
‘Cause we got what it takes to stay

The lyrics are incredibly relevant. Making changes, having faith, standing strong and being unwilling to break are all things many people can relate to in today’s world. ONE OK ROCK’s style has transformed quite a bit since they got their start over ten years ago. “Change” is a perfect example.

One Ok Rock 1

one ok rock 5

Taka, Toru, Tomoya and Ryota are dressed in black and play on a black set. However, the music video is far from boring. Bright, animated white lines dance around the group in shapes that tie into the beats and words. Later, the white lines burst into color. Parts of the video almost look as though they were filmed in stop-motion, which adds to the artistic feeling. The video is clever and energetic. The aesthetic is not quite as dramatic as past ONE OK ROCK music videos, and that is not a bad thing. Sometimes flashy visuals can take away from what the artist wants the audience to hear.

ONE OK ROCK has no problem getting to the point, which, in my opinion, is quite straightforward: Make changes. Be better humans.


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