With 2PM’s latest album coming out on September 13th, titled “Gentleman’s Game”, the beastly idols are ready to set fans ablaze once more. Housed under JYP Entertainment and the first male idol K-Pop group from the company alongside with brother group 2AM, 2PM has been together for 8 years and has released numerous albums and singles within that period of time. From releasing other albums in Japan and touring all over the world, 2PM are continuing to prove themselves as one of the top-tier acts in the K-Pop industry.

So to celebrate 2PM’s upcoming release of their latest album, here is this week’s K-Music Playlist containing a few of 2PM’s greatest hits (even though all of there songs are worthy of being mentioned).

  • 10 Out of 10

To start off the list, 2PM made their debut with this song and for many older fans of 2PM, this song can be quite the walk down memory lane. At the time, former member/leader turned solo artist Jay Park was amongst the members of 2PM during their debut up until his departure in 2009. “10 Out of 10” had two music videos released for their debut, one showcasing just the dance for the song and a music video with a more comedic story line. Once listening and watching the music video, fans new and old are getting a blast from the past seeing a younger (and not yet built/toned) 2PM and the beginning of their reign as The Beastly Idols.

Watch 10 Out of 10 here!

  • Electricity 

While there is no official music video for this song, the one word that comes into mind when listening to this song is, SEXY. Off of their “Hands Up” 2011 release, “Electricity” makes the list as the only non-title track song. With just the instrumentals alone, Hottests (their fandom name) and newer fans will definitely feel the heat from this song. It’s catchy and definitely a classic 2PM song that needs to be recognized.

Listen to “Electricity” here!

  • Heartbeat

Released in 2009, this song came from their “1:59PM” album, not long after the departure of Jay Park. Considerably their most popular and well-known song that 2PM has released, “Heartbeat” captures the dark and angsty emotions of heartbreak. Though this is not their first song (and music video) that showcases a darker concept, it is one of the most iconic concepts that 2PM has released. This release from 2PM showed many that they were able to overcome the hardship they face and doubts that many had after Jay’s departure. From the emotional lyrics, vocals and orchestral instrumentals, this song is another great release from 2PM that will definitely send chills down the spine (in a good way).

Watch the music video for “Heartbeat” here!

  • Go Crazy

Another fun and upbeat song from 2PM that will have fans getting up and dancing along with them in their 2014 release for “Go Crazy.” Funky and slightly disco-influenced, 2PM brings back another song that is reminiscent of their past release of “Hands Up.” This song makes the list as another carefree song to jam out to and not much words are really needed to explain the rest of this great song. This is definitely a song to have fun with and whether it is through the music video or the song itself, it’s one to let loose and have a good time.

Watch the “Go Crazy” music video here!

  • A.D.T.O.Y (All Day Thinking Of You)

Once again, 2PM manages to hold their place as one of the sexiest K-Pop idols to date, and many can agree upon “A.D.T.O.Y” being the reason why. 2PM wants to remind those that they were not the boys that they were when they first debuted, but rather now have matured into grown men. Hence the name of their album that this song was released for titled “Grown.” Bringing the smolder in a simple black and white music video, fans will surely be have “the feels” as they watch (and re-watch) the music video. More R&B in sound, the men of 2PM never fail to show their diversity in sound and music. Another great release from 2PM and one to add to the ‘repeat’ playlist.

Watch “A.D.T.O.Y” here!

Honorable Mentions:
– “My House”
– “Only You”
– “Hands Up”
– “Again & Again”
– “My Color”
– “Come Back When You Hear This Song”

Source: iTunes, JYP Nation Official Twitter 
Image Source: JYP Nation Official Twitter

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