It’s back to school season once more! Some may be looking forward to heading back to school while some others may not be necessarily looking forward to school. Whether its getting through a rough day at school or getting pumped for a fun event at school, here is a playlist consisting of great-back-to-school-themed music videos and songs. Though some songs are not necessarily about school itself, it will surely have listeners getting up and dancing or getting pumped up!

  • “Never Give Up” – Bang & Zelo

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Prior to their debut as members of B.A.P (with members Himchan and Jongup making cameos in the music video) Yongguk & Zelo released a single where the story takes place in a school setting. With a theme of pursing dreams and overcoming the stresses of school, this song makes the top of the playlist as the song and music video that encourages not only students but can be for people of all ages to go for their dreams and to “never give up.”

Watch the music video here!

  • “Oh” – Girls’ Generation

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One of the most iconic songs released from Girls’ Generation and also school-themed. The members of Girls’ Generation are portrayed as cheerleaders, cheering on the the football team. This was one of Girls’ Generation’s signature cute and flirty type of music videos that also has a catchy and upbeat vibe. This song is another great song to get up and dance to and the dance from the music video is easy to follow as well

Watch the music video here!

  • “Manse” – Seventeen

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At one point or another, a concept that is almost a passage of rite through the K-Pop world is having a school-boy/school-girl concept. As the most recently-debuted (and younger) K-Pop group on the list, Seventeen’s “Manse” was the introduction of their take on the school concept. Dressed in school uniforms and all the members trying to impress that one specific girl in the class that they all have their eyes on, this music video is funky and sweet at the same time. The song itself is also another addictive and catchy song that will have you dancing along with the chorus!

Watch the music video here!

  • “La La La”- Big Bang

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Released not too long after their debut in 2008, this song is a classic among all the other songs that Big Bang has released. Need a song that you need to wake yourself up and get through studying? This song will surely be one to get pumped up to and maybe have you singing along. It’s another “school” concept however, the story line takes a more comedic route as Daesung is actually dreaming of the events that are occurring in the music video. Fans and viewers can relate to wanting to throw their papers up in the air during school when it gets tough and/or falling asleep in class. Though it is not the best example to behave properly in school, this song still is fun and always a good one to listen to.

Watch Big Bang’s “La La La” music video here!

  • “Growl” – EXO

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Continuing with the era of “school-boy” looks, EXO has not only released a dance version music video to this but a drama version, where the members of EXO are all schoolmates who go through the hardships of dealing with school, love and conflicts with others or one another. In the dance version for the song, all members are seen dancing in school uniforms (one that is worn in the drama version as well). The song itself, like the rest of the songs listed in this playlist, is upbeat and catchy. Many K-Pop fans know of this song and you can’t help but get pumped up and ready for the day with this song.

Watch the dance version of the music video here!

Whether it’s for studying, to get pumped up for a game or event or just to get through the day, these songs are definitely songs to give a listen and have on repeat. Jam out to them, sing along or dance the signature dance from these music videos/songs, have fun and have a good school year!

Image Source: YouTube


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