It’s all about the ladies this time around for K-Music Playlist and it’s all about empowering women. Female K-Pop idols usually tend to sing about falling in love or going through break ups but this playlist is all about highlighting the women who have released songs about feeling beautiful, confident and independent.

  1. Ailee – “I’ll Show You”

Released in 2012, this is Ailee’s first song that she released right after her debut. “I’ll Show You” is all about moving on and showing off that they are better off without him. Ailee sings about no longer crying over the guy that she once used to love and instead will move on to doing things for herself. The main message of this song is to not let a guy get the best of you and instead prove that you are far better off without a guy.

2. Miss A – “I Don’t Need A Man”

“I Don’t Need A Man” by Miss A is one of the ultimate independent women anthems in K-Pop. The ladies of Miss A talk about making their own money and not relying on other other man or even family to help them out. They don’t need a man to take care of them because they can take care of themselves. This song is another song all about being confident and independent, making it a great addition to this playlist.

3. 2NE1 – “Can’t Nobody”

One of the greatest hits to ever be released by 2NE1 and it’s all about not letting anyone “hold them down” as they say in the song. The song was released not only in Korean but in English as well, and still will be able to get listeners pumped up. One word to summarize the feeling that this song gives: Unstoppable. The ladies of 2NE1 bring the fierce and edge to this song, showing girls that they don’t necessarily have to go the cute route in order to look beautiful and feel empowered.

4. Amber – “Beautiful”

Slowing things down a bit, Amber’s “Beautiful” is all about embracing what makes a person beautiful, inside and out. Amber wants to remind fans and listeners that there will be times where people are going to put you down for the person who you are but even though there are people out there bringing negativity, there is hope and light out there. Amber sends the message of just telling a person to be the person who they are because they are beautiful they way they are. “Beautiful” has such a deep and powerful meaning and it is a reminder to anyone that they are perfect the way they are and they should not care about what others thinks.

Though this playlist is rather short and there are more artists and songs that could be highlighted on this playlist, this isn’t going to be the last time MACG will highlight the great ladies that are in the K-Pop Industry.


  1. I always thought that the songs are more than only love pain. These songs are the proof, the women has the power to encourage themselves. Claps to this article 👏🏼

  2. I’m a huge fan of girl groups! I think they’re are so underrated compared to their male counterparts. Especially considering some of the bangers listed on this article. Awesome job at highlighting the powerful ladies of kpop.

  3. Confidence + a catchy beat = a winner.
    It never gets old and the message is uplifitng – great list. There are A LOT more songs like these as well. From this list i’d say 2NE1’s is my favorite. ^^

  4. Confidence + catchy beat = a winner.
    Message never gets old and it’s fun to listen to.
    I’m sure there are some boy groups who give similar messages as well, take BTS’ ’21st Century Girls’ as an example 😉
    Great list, ‘Can’t Nobody’ has to be me favorite from this one.

  5. I don’t know why my comments doesn’t appear in this section. T.T
    But still I miss 2ne1 already and I hope they comeback soon as well as the other girl group 🙂

  6. All the vibes from all these different songs by these amazing groups are soo good!! And also the concepts of each song💕

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