GOT7’s comeback for their new album, Flight Log: Turbulence, fast approaching and IGOT7s and fans alike are getting pumped up for this next album. Their new album is a continuation of their previous album, Flight Log: Departure, that seems to have a much darker theme. To celebrate GOT7’s comeback, here is this week’s dedicated playlist all about GOT7. All of their songs are worthy of mentioning and if you are new to GOT7 and wanting to get into their music, this is the perfect playlist for you.

*Disclaimer: there is no specific order to this playlist! All songs are all equally great songs to listen to by GOT7


GOT7’s most recent comeback song of their last album, Flight Log: Departure. The song upbeat and heavily hip-hop influenced. As their most recently released song, this shows their immense growth as a K-Pop group. GOT7 proves that they are no longer the young boys that the debuted as but have grown into the young and talented men that they are today. This song also is the first installment of the Flight Log series that GOT7 is currently doing. If readers/viewers want to fully understand the story that GOT7 is telling for their upcoming album, it is highly recommended to view the trailers and music video for “FLY”

2. If You Do

Released in late September 2015, “If You Do” was the mature-concept comeback that all fans and IGOT7 were waiting for. As their previous songs were more catered to their younger demographic of fans, “If You Do” was the introduction of GOT7 as men. The concept of this particular song was more of a darker theme, were all the members of GOt7 are conflicted and frustrated over their indifferent lover. There is a sense of angst and anger as their “lover” seems to not care about the relationship and has stopped putting in an effort. The song itself is another upbeat and catchy dance track that will have fans and listeners wanting to copy the choreography.

Watch the “If You Do” music video here!

3. Girls Girls Girls

Releasing on January 14th, 2014, “Girls Girls Girls” introduces the fresh and young faces of GOT7 to the world. The members take on the roles of being the “popular and cool” schoolboys concept and exuding their confidence throughout the music video. As their debut song, it introduces fans and listeners to their vocal and rap abilities. The song itself is hip-hop influenced with a strong bass to back up the rest of the arrangement. GOT7 surely makes an impression through “Girls Girls Girls” that definitely will have girls swooning over these boys.

Watch the music video for “Girls Girls Girls”!

4. A

Just six months after their debut single, GOT7 releases another catchy and very cute song, “A.” Instead of having girls chase after them, the boys of GOT7 are the ones doing the chasing. The song, is once again upbeat and fans are starting to see the consistency of releasing songs that addictive and catchy. This song will surely have listeners singing “A” along when they least expect it. The music video is well-suited for the summer season but at the same time, it is cute to see the members of GOT7 chase and impress the girl of their affection throughout the music video as well. Overall, its a fun track and highly recommended to watch and listen to.

5. Confession Song 

In the K-Pop music industry (and many other music industries), it is common for idol groups and artist to release a Christmas album/song and GOT7 joins the many others by releasing “Confession Song.” This was a special winter album that released after “If You Do” promotions and will certainly put you in the mood for the Christmas season. The music video for “Confession Song” takes a different twist compared to all their other music videos that GOT7 has released. The music video is very endearing and cute as the members of GOT7 make a surprise visit to a local school and take a special student to a special venue on campus. Throughout the music video, various students are taken to a set that is filled with Christmas decorations and another student who is disguised in the middle of the room, waiting to give their confession to the special students. GOT7 themselves help set up and organize this very special confession and are their usual goofy and energetic selves as they watch the confession happen in front of them. A song that is full of love and about confessing ones feelings, this is another solid release from GOT7 and they continue to prove they are getting better and better with each and every release.

Watch “Confession Song” here!

6. See The Light 

Slowing things down a bit, “See The Light” is the only track from this playlist that does not have a music video accompanying the song. It is the only slow song on the playlist as well. “See The Light” is an R&B track off of the Flight Log: Departure album and gives a very smooth and calming vibe. Compared to the previous albums fans and listeners can hear how much they have grown vocally from when they first debuted. This is another great listen from GOT7 and highly recommended.

7. Just Right 

“Just Right” is another bright and happy song from GOT7, giving all fans the confidence to stay the way they are. The song itself encourages many to not change how they are physically and that they are beautiful. The music video as well, features GOT7 being portrayed as small figures, cheering on the main actress. With the bright and colorful sets and wardrobe, it adds a sense of fun and quirkiness to the video. The song is another catchy one from GOT7, once again showing consistency in able to release various types of music while managing to still attract fans with its catchiness.

Watch the “Just Right” music video here!

Honorable Mentions:
– Stop, Stop It
– Forever Young
– Rewind
– She’s A Monster
– Put ‘Em Up
– Back To Me
– Home Run

Source: GOT7 Official Twitter


  1. This is making me soo excited for the fanmeeting Im going to in 2 weeks!! Hopefully they perform all the songs on this list 🙂

  2. I love GOT7 oh so much, I would say they are my ultimate bias group! YET HERE COMES BTS trying to ruin things haha! DEF here for the ALBUM with away with macmagazine & JESS!

  3. This really helped me discover what they used to sound like before this album, and I was not disappointed! They’re definitely going far.

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