With Halloween a few days away, it’s time for part 2 of the Halloween edition of K-Music Playlist! This playlist will highlight some of the best K-Pop Halloween-themed/inspired music videos. From dark and spooky videos to fun and quirky ones where different groups are dressed up in different costumes – its all fit for Halloween.

BTS – “War Of Hormone” (Bangtan Bomb)

In celebration of Halloween, the boys of BTS dressed up in different costumes and released a special video for their follow up track, “War of Hormone.” Though this was not an actual music video, this still makes the spot on the playlist as one of the only K-Pop groups to release something actually Halloween-themed

Boyfriend – “WITCH”

Werewolves & Little Red Riding Hood — One of the most classic things to dress up as of portray during Halloween. Boyfriend brings this concept to life with their music for “Witch.” The members all portray werewolves who becomes friends with a girl whom is actually Little Red Riding Hood in disguise. This music video is another classic dark-themed K-Pop music video and with the added bonus of the fantasy plot line, this easily makes this Halloween K-Pop Playlist.

Orange Caramel – “์•„์ž‰โ™ก” (Aing)

When it comes to cute and quirky costumes, Orange Caramel (an After School sub-unit) is the top girl-group that manages to successfully pull it off along with their addictive and catchy songs. “์•„์ž‰โ™ก” is filled with the members of Orange Caramel (Nana, Raina & Lizzy) bringing famous fairy tales to life such as Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood and Alice In Wonderland, but put their own twist to the story. From their adorable outfits to the fun and upbeat song, this is definitely another great addition to this playlist.

VIXX – “Hyde”

Highly known for their dark concepts, VIXX makes the playlist with their popular titles, “Hyde.” The expression of good versus evil/light and dark/angels and demons, is portrayed throughout the music video through the members. “Hyde” makes the playlist due to the dark tones and sets of the music video and through the creepy cut scenes that can make your skin crawl.

* VIXX – “Voodoo Doll”

(*Warning: Contains graphic/explicit images. Watch the clean version here )

Rounding off the rest of this Halloween Edition of K-Music Playlist, VIXX once again makes the list with their dark-themed music video for “Voodoo Doll.” With scenes that could be from a horror movie, VIXX shows their mastery of darker concepts that single-handedly take the cake for Halloween-esque music videos. Though they have many other darker-concept music videos (all worth watching), “Voodoo Doll” is one of the most iconic when it comes to darker themes. It is a music video not for the faint of heart but nonetheless perfect for Halloween.

Honorable Mentions:
2NE1 – “์•„ํŒŒ(IT HURTS)”ย 
VIXX – “Error”
Big Bang – “Monster”
AOA – “Get Out”
4Minute – “Volume Up”

Halloween is right around the corner and hopefully these music videos help get into the spirit of the holiday! What other music videos do you think could be part of this K-Music Playlist? Leave your comments below!

Remember to be safe and have a Happy Halloween on behalf of MACG Magazine and MACG Productions!


  1. Great Playlist. BTS -War of Hormone is the cutest Halloween Video ever. And even thogh they are my fav. VIXX – Hyde and Voodoo Doll are my fav. in this Playlist.

  2. war of hormones in Halloween is one of my fav bangtan bombs, everyting is on point… their costumes, the decorations, the way they are dancing~ so cool and fun! love when groups dress up for Halloween XD

  3. Love these Halloween concept!! Really want to see Blood Sweet Tears sexy vampire Halloween concept.. IT MUST BE DOPE!!
    @MACGProductions @RealChanceMpod

  4. Definitely a great list. And I like how the picks arenot necessarily chosen because of dark lyrics or dark aesthetics, but a mixture of both.

  5. VIXX slaying with the dark concept hahaha. I love the practice version of War of Hormone too, but I missed “TT”, the comeback from Twice. The MV is all about Halloween, but it’s so cute!

  6. I’m not a fan of Halloween but even I get hyper when I marathon these vids.
    BTS dance practice ๐Ÿค— I can watch that everyday

  7. I’m not a big fan of Halloween but even I get hyper and excited when I marathon these vids ๐Ÿค—
    Bts dance practice halloween version is just pure golden entertainment

  8. Wow.. I am loving this playlist thank you so much for putting it together.. ๐Ÿ™‚ @MACGProductions @RealChanceMpod

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