With Infinite reportedly making their comeback on September 19th, Inspirits and fans alike are very much excited to see what Infinite is going to bring into the K-Pop world once again (Infinite Official). Countless of teasers have been released for the group’s comeback, adding to the excitement as the comeback is fast approaching.

In celebration of Infinite’s comeback, this week’s K-Music Playlist is dedicated to some of Infinite’s greatest hits. Though it is highly recommended to listen to all of their releases, as they are all worthy of being put onto this list.

  1. Comeback Again

As their debut song, “Comeback Again” makes the top of their list. Funky, with a bit of a Michael Jackson influence, “Comeback Again” has fans and listeners alike getting up and dance along. There are two versions of the music video which showcases more of a story and a dance version. Through the dance version music video, Infinite’s dancing abilities and synchronization is shown and it’s clearly an indicator and that they are a solid K-Pop group to watch out for at the time of their debut.

Watch “Comeback Again” Music Video Here!

2. Destiny

Released in 2013, this is another catchy and powerful song that Infinite has released. Their choreography and synchronization once again is one of the highlights of the music video. The song itself is fast-paced, giving fans a full ride of excitement and energy. Through this song, Infinite has established that they a force to be reckoned with and that they are a top-tier K-Pop group.

Watch Infinite’s “Destiny” music video here!

3. Bad

This is their most recent release prior to their upcoming album release, “Bad” makes the list for another dark concept by Infinite. Infinite has become iconic for not only their choreography but also their ability to pull off a more dark, dramatic serious concept compared to their peers. Another reason why this song makes the list, aside from it’s catchiness, is that Infinite was the first K-Pop group to release a music video using 360 VR. Though this is another version of the music video, fans can get interactive with their music video, moving the screen to look at their surroundings. It’s another great song to listen to and the album itself that this release came from, is highly recommended to listen to as well.

Watch their “Bad” music video here!

4. The Chaser

Slightly less darker in concept, Infinite once again brings another upbeat and energetic track to their vast collection of songs. This is another classic Infinite song and one that fans and listeners will truly appreciate. With a more electronic-influenced instrumental, the catchiness shines throughout the song, complimented with each individual member’s part into the song. The music video also has two versions, a dance version and a version that showcases a plot/story.

Watch “The Chaser” here!

5. BTD (Before The Dawn)

One of the darkest and dramatic songs that Infinite has released thus far. “BTD” sticks to their classic catchy concept however it takes on a sad and dark twist, offering a more emotional song. The music video for “BTD” enhances the dark and sad feeling that the song portrays. Members, L and Woohyun, act in the story version for the music video and do a great job of bringing the song to life. There is also a dance version for the song, that once again proves Infinite’s dancing capabilities. “BTD” is another great song and highly recommended.

Watch the “BTD” music video here!

Honorable Mentions:
– Nothing’s Over
– Be Mine
– Man In Love
– Back
– Paradise

Source: Infinite Official Twitter 


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