In collaboration with Madeon, Crunchyroll (widely popular Japanese show/anime online streaming service) and A-1 Pictures, Porter Robinson releases his animated short film for “Shelter” on October 18.

The EDM/Techno DJ is revealed to be the writer of the story, depicting a young girl living in a simulation/virtual reality where she can change her environment to any way she imagines with just the use of her tablet. The short film takes a rather dark story line as the young girl begins to recall memories from her past that lead her to her current situation of living in virtual reality.

Though the film expresses loneliness throughout most of the video, it is still manages to touch the heart with it’s meaning that, though time and space may separate loved ones, one should never forget the love that they have given each other. Even though there are times of loneliness, in some way, form or shape, the people whom you care about and love are right there with us.

Besides the song and the story of the short film, the animation itself is enchanting and stunning with the usage of not only anime but computer graphics as well, creating a more 3D-like reality within the video. This was all brought to life through A-1 Pictures and Directors Toshihumi Akai and Megumi Kouno. From the brought and vibrant colors to depict the happier moments to the darker-themed settings and colors for the more serious scenes, the film does its best to capture the significance of the story and song.

Overall, this is not only a beautiful song that is upbeat and catchy (and fits right in with an anime), this is a beautiful short film that is highly recommended to watch. For those who have not really watched anime, this is also a great introduction to the genre of cartoon animation.  “Shelter” conveys a endearing and beautiful message and offers such clean and fascinating animation, that many will not be disappointed in.

Watch “Shelter” below:


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  1. Wow this was really amazing. Everything fit so perfectly together, the story, the music, and the art style. It was all really wonderfully done. Had I not read this article, this animation probably would’ve been lost to the internet for me so I’m really glad I was curious enough to click on it. Whoever found this, thank you! I now have something to inspire more projects I want to make in the future 😊

  2. 😆 This is so cool!! The story, attention to details are very precise and the song is amazing!! The video left me speechless and I felt like crying~ ;-; It would be amazing if this was made into a long movie, the creator is so creative for making this😊

  3. I love this so much, I feel like I relate to the character a lot , I get lonely as well but I don’t have a cool tablet that transport me to a virtual world although I wish I did maybe that’d make it easier for me to be myself and have fun. I also love the song its simple yet empowering, it made me feel good like I wanted to dance, I wonder if its available on any music sites. Shelter is very well put together from the graphics to the music even the tiniest details caught my eye, bravo to all involved of creating this masterpiece I hope for more.

  4. I loved this so much! I’ve been listening to it a lot. The beginning seems so fun, and then you get hit by the feels train..

  5. This was kind of heartbreakingly beautiful. The animation was vivid and the song does have this upbeat sound to it. Even with this happy tone to the music I still had this sad feeling during the whole film. I won’t lie it definitely hits you in the feels.

  6. The animation is simply beautiful, which adds to the sadness and emotion to the story despite it not having many words. Reminds me of Your lie in April because of how the colors star off vivid to convey the happiness and joy, but then the colors progressively fade or become darker to convey the sadness/loneliness. Truly an amazing an amazing work.

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