With the onslaught of comebacks, debuts and idols coming to the States, I thought it would be the perfect time to make a list of concerts I would stop life to go see. Some of the artists you may know, but some you may not…but you should.

There are few idols who make me cry: Zion.T, K.Will (and that’s when I’ve had too much to drink) and BIGBANG. BIGBANG was my gateway group into k-pop with their song “Beautiful Hangover.” Yes, that song is in Japanese but that’s beside the point.  Whenever they are on the East Coast performing, I’m there. I was there standing in the cold for 10+ hours for VIP tickets during their Alive tour (2012).  I was there for their MADE concert in New Jersey (2015) and am still suffering from PCD (post-concert depression). BIGBANG embodies the word smooth–their dance skills, the way they play to the fans, their band. I sound like a true fan girl and am close to squealing! Even though their recent tour might be their last for a long while, due to military obligations, if the group ever graces us with another world tour, I’ll be there front and center.

Crucial Star
I’m not one to go gaga over artists (I’m totally lying) but Crucial Star makes me squeal. The way he sings, his flow…I think he’s incredible. He tried out for Show Me The Money 4, but stage fright caused him to be eliminated in the first round. That was truly a shame because the man is talented. His selection of “K-pop after dark” music is really something to listen to. He balances hip-hop with smooth R&B; and as an older K-pop fan, I appreciate that he makes sure there are some songs out there for “after dark” situations. If he ever comes to the States, no matter what part of the country, I will be there.
VV:D (pronounced vivid) is probably one of the best groups you haven’t heard about. VV:D consists of Zion.T, Elo, Loco, Gray, and Crush. I cannot wait for a full-length album! Shoot, I’d settle for a single or mini-album. It’s hard enough finding pictures of all of them together! The good news is they all have social media accounts, and you can find some clips of their concerts online. I’ve seen Zion.T and Crush twice in concert and it is an experience I want to repeat often. Hopefully I won’t have to wait too long to hear something from them.
Brown Eyed Girls (BEG)
I’ve been a fan of Brown Eyed Girls since they released Sixth Sense. These women have soul. They talk about issues other folks are too skittish to talk about. Their dance moves are legendary. Seriously, can you even think of BEG without doing the Abracadabra hip swivel? With their comeback right around the corner, I’m looking forward to seeing what the ladies are bringing to the table. Also I’m hoping for a world tour since they haven’t done one before.
Now, it’s your turn. Who would you break your high heeled shoes to see? Would it be a rookie group that just debuted? Or perhaps someone that hasn’t had a comeback in ages? Maybe it’s all the above! Let me know in the comment section below. Who knows, maybe I’ll be at the same concert.
Sara L, who goes Young Ajummah on social media, is a jack-of- all-trades when it comes to the Hallyu Wave. Get to know her on Twitter (@young_ajummah) and follow her slightly crazy love of Korean culture on youngajummah.com.

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