Sometimes the days get too long and the hours get too hard. It can be difficult trying to find a way to properly relax if you work full time, are in school, or simply have too much on your plate at the moment. Nevertheless, relaxation is an important part of daily life; our bodies need the chance to de-stress and reconstruct our mental well-being at the end of a long day.

While there are many ways to achieve relaxation, the most common method chosen is usually listening to music. Listening to a relaxing song or melody while you’re winding down or cleaning up can help you slow your mental roll and decrease your stress. In order to do that, though, you need to know which artists are best for relaxing and which artists are not. Here are my top five artists (and songs) to help you decompress after a long day.

1. Coffee Boy

I originally ran into this artist during a drama I was watching. The irony of this song making it on the list comes from the fact that I listened to the song while one lead was suggesting it to the other lead as a way to help her feel better. However, the song “I’ll Be By Your Side” helped soothe me in a calm state–so much so that I began searching for other songs by Coffee Boy. There are certainly no shortages of great songs by this artist, but “I’ll Be By Your Side” would definitely be my suggestion if you only have a few minutes.

2. Standing Egg

I never realized just how¬†tired¬† I was until I listened to “I’ll Hug You” by Standing Egg. Standing Egg has always been in my good books as an artist to listen to, but it took me a while to realize just how relaxing the music can be. The song “I’ll Hug You” was brought to my attention when it showed up on my suggestions list on YouTube. I wish it showed up i everyone else’s suggestion list as well because everyone who is stressed needs this song in their life.

3. Bevy Maco

I had never heard of Bevy Maco until about two weeks ago when I wanted to explore for underground and indie Korean music. While I was fiddling around, his song “Summer Fever” began to play and I was instantly hooked. Well, hooked and relaxed. For some reason,”Summer Fever” reminds me of late nights and beaches in cool air. The best part is that this particular song is only two minutes long, so it leaves us with no excuse to not get some relaxation time in!

4. 316

Can 316 please change their name to 365? Because that’s how often you should listen to them. At the end of the day, no matter what has happened, I can count on 316 and his song “All About You” to help lessen the stress on my mind. He has a very soft voice which is perfect for calming down and releasing your worries.

5. Zion T

Many know of Zion T already; he’s not quite as obscure as the artists listed above. However, when I asked around about Zion T I heard many responses of “that artist who sings with Crush”. I have to admit, that sparked my annoyance just a tad, for an artist such as Zion T to only be known as an accompaniment and not as a stand-alone artist. Zion T makes truly beautiful music not only instrumentally and vocally, but with the messages in his songs. My favorite song of his, “Eat” came out in May of 2015, and it has faithfully remained my number one played song (with 4,367 plays) on my iPod. “Eat” is the perfect song to help you recover after a stressful time in your life as Zion T tells you ‘They want so much from you’ and ‘Remember to eat your meals even when you’re tired’.

Altogether, these 5 songs total about 20 minutes in length. That, my friends, is less time than is takes to watch one episode of a TV show. I beg of you, if the day ever feels like too much or the evening is too long, give these artists and songs a try. Work, school, and family can demand so much from you, now you need to demand time for yourself.



  1. Zion T is that guy. It’s funny because he put me on too Crush. Not the other way around. At least for me. Yanghwa BRDG is my go to song by him thought. As for these other artist, I’ll need to give them a listen.

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