Brian Imanuel, an Indonesian rapper better known as Rich Chigga, is currently on his very first world tour. After the 18-year-old’s single “Dat $tick” became a hit among teenagers and young adults, the rapper quickly rose to international stardom. I had the pleasure to attend his concert in Houston, TX, on Friday, Oct. 21, 2017 at Warehouse Live.

First, I would like to mention it is important to not underestimate fans, especially at a “standing room only” concert. Upon arriving at the venue, the queue stretched almost two blocks away from the entrance. Getting close to the stage seemed nearly impossible. However, thanks to at least two mosh pits and the constant pushing and shoving of other fans, I was unexpectedly able to make it closer to the stage, far beyond what I had anticipated on my arrival.

DUCKWRTH and Don Krez did a fantastic job hyping up the audience while everyone was waiting for Rich Chigga’s performance. The crowd sang and chanted along some famous songs from various rappers and hip-hop artists in anticipation of the main act.

When Rich Chigga came onto the stage for his performance, he started strong with his song “Back At It.” Instantly, the energy in the room was heightened, and as he performed more songs the crowd was whipped into a frenzy. It was hard to stay on my feet, as people near the edges of the stage pushed in every direction with the beat. I very nearly fell over under the pressure of so many bodies pressing up against me, but I managed to keep my footing as Rich Chigga knocked out one song after another.

rich chigga-body

He left “Dat $stick” for the end of the performance. You could hardly hear Rich Chigga say anything, as the crowd belted out the lyrics as if their lives depended on it.

After the show he ran off the stage, and the attendees began to leave their spots. The room suddenly became breathable. I stayed behind and inched closer towards the stage. There was no way I was going to miss an encore if it happened. Two minutes had not passed when Rich Chigga was back on stage alongside DUCKWRTH and Don Krez performing “Dat $tick” one last time. Everyone rushed back toward the stage like a wave to get one last look, and the concert ended on that high note.

I was lucky enough to record the last few minutes of the encore.

Warning: Language used in the video may not be suitable for all ages.


Tina Rodriguez is a new digital journalist with MACG Magazine focusing on event coverage and TV entertainment.

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