New Venue, Bigger & Better KCON

The huge K-pop convention known as KCON is making its rounds again this year. On March 12, KCON USA announced the dates for this year’s KCON in the United States. As per usual, they will both be held in the same cities as years past. However, the venue has changed for the New York stop. This year from July 6- to July 7, KCON will be in New York City and held at The Madison Square Garden Javits Center. From August 15 to August 18, KCON will be back in Los Angeles with a “bigger and better KCON,” as the company promotes on their social media.

Upon hearing the news about KCON, I didn’t really think twice about it. I didn’t think I would have the chance to make it this year. But once I fully started to think about the possibility of being able to go, I started to remember my past two years of going to both KCON LA and NY.

First Experience: KCON LA 2017

The first time I attended KCON was back in 2017. Very eager to go that year, I bought my sister and my flight tickets without telling my dad. (I did eventually tell him after I told my sister.) He was fairly impressed with the plan, and he decided to help me out by paying for a hotel right across the street from where KCON was being held. He then made it clear that he was helping me as I was graduating high school that spring.

When arriving at KCON LA, I was nervous but excited. I knew it would be the best moment of my life. The lineup was almost my dream lineup that year. I also got the chance to meet fellow YouTubers and content creators. Though I am a very small YouTuber compared to the other content creators that were at KCON, it was nice to meet and talk to them. Some even recognized me from my YouTube channel and my work with MACG Productions. Along with meeting other content creators, I also got to meet up with some of my friends and some of the people in the MACG Productions Community.

Days 1 & 2

The first day of KCON LA 2017 was pretty nice. It was more of a chill day at the convention, as the concert was the following night. I had the opportunity to do hi-touch with Heize as well as be a presenter at the ASSA Awards. The ASSA Awards is an award show that rewards Hallyu content creators in specific categories. For day two of KCON 2017 LA, I was a filmographer for the panel “Running Fan,” an event where YouTube content creators find a fan of theirs and do a series of missions around KCON. I was partnered with TheJessLyfe, and it was definitely fun to see her and her fan do the challenges. After “Running Fan,” I attended Seventeen’s artist engagement, which was definitely amazing. It was my first time seeing Seventeen in person. Afterward, I went to the Red Carpet. It was really cool seeing the different groups that would be performing at the concert that night right there in the flesh, looking amazing.

The concert for day two was absolutely amazing! I had a blast, and my sister found it funny watching me freak out because of the groups that were performing that night.

Day 3

Then it was on to day three. The day I was really anticipating. When I first got to KCON that morning, I had a meet & greet and “The Kraze” booth. I was interviewed by “The Kraze” and MACG Community member and my friend, Jay. After being interviewed, I meet a few of my NO.1’s and then rushed to get in line to see GOT7’s fan engagement. After waiting anywhere from two to three hours, I was finally in and saw GOT7. Not realizing the group would recognize me. After the fan engagement, I heard that ASTRO would be at the Toyota Booth. I immediately went there and waited for the group. When they showed up, I was in disbelief. I was really close to them. After seeing ASTRO, I mainly chilled with my friends and waited until the concert.

The concert for day three was amazing. It was a dream come true seeing a lot of the groups perform for the first time, as well as seeing GOT7 for the second time. I was losing my mind, ESPECIALLY when JJ Project had their special stage. I had a feeling that they would have a special stage at KCON and the fact that they did, I was done. The concert for day three made my KCON trip worth it.

Here’s a playlist of my KCON experience!

Stay tuned for Robyn’s experience at KCON NY 2018!

(All images credited to Robyn Rush; YouTube.)

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