After five years, BIGBANG‘s Seungri finally made his solo comeback with “1, 2, 3!” on July 20!

The entire song as well as the music video gives off 1950s vibes. Seungri transported viewers to a time when jukeboxes and leather jackets reigned supreme, and I was here for it!



Everything about this video was lively, and it’s probably going to take everything you have not to start doing a jive. Speaking of which, our leading lady for this energetic video was none other than Korean singer ANDA! The chemistry between the two was nothing but electric!


This video was topnotch, fun and totally screams Seungri! The dancing was on point, which is no surprise since we have one of the best dancers of YG Entertainment showing the world how it’s done!


Be sure to listen to Seungri’s first ever Korean full-length solo album, “The Great Seungri” out now!


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